Rock and roll-on

We all know how wonderful Argan Oil is,  both for the skin and hair. But a lot of the Argan Oil products that are available on the market  are mixed with other ingredients, often making them less effective. This is why Melvita’s 100% Argan Oil roll-on is such a great find: it is completely pure (cold pressed and unscented from organic farming with no preservatives or colorants) and very easy to apply directly onto dry skin on your lips of face. You can also roll some onto your fingertips and run them through the ends of your hair to add some gloss to it. It’s easy to carry too, as you can put it in your make-up bag or handbag. When you use it, not too much comes out, just enough to cover the skin without making it too greasy. It feels lovely and soft…a real treat.

The Argan tree grows on the Moroccan coast and yields an oil that is exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids. Argan Oils is known to soften wrinkles by boosting the natural moisture barrierand plumping the skin, making it a beauty must-have.

Melvita’s Argan Oil 10ml retails at £9.00. For more information go to


3 responses to “Rock and roll-on

  1. I actually did not know why argan oil is so great I just know it is the new shea butter and it’s in everything these days. Well now I know a little more than I did yesterday.

  2. dupesareagurlsbestfriend

    Hi I’ve nominated you for The Liebster Award if you’d like to join in click this link

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