Nailing It

I am not big on nail varnish, as I think a perfectly groomed, healthy looking ‘varnish-free’ nail speaks volumes. But there are times, however, when a fabulous lacker is exactly what your outfit needs or when, for no apparent reason, you’re just in the mood for varnished nails. If this is the case – whether it’s red, taupe or mauve – you must check out Maison d’Anu. It’s a luxury beauty brand that is dedicated to delivering effective products without the use of harmful chemicals, making it safe to use even throughout pregnancy. Their nail varnishes are free from formaldehyde, toluene, DBP and camphor. And the range of colours is simply on the money– from  a sexy red or strong plum to a selection of gorgeous sugar candy shades and variations of natural tones with a hint of nude that are so right now.

Pashmina (pictured above) caught my eye, so I gave it a try. It’s one of those timeless shades that is perfect for summer and winter and works well with  all skin tones (girly but not too girly, grown up but still fun). It’s even in texture when you apply it,  matt, and so far it’s lasted a week without chipping so I’m officially a fan.
varnishes retail at £9.95


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