Soft as a baby’s bottom


As a new mum, my beauty regime has somewhat gone out of the window, which is why I’m reviewing a baby cream not only as a fabulous baby product but as an occasional moisturiser for myself too. Earth’s Best™ Extra Rich Therapy Crème is a hypo allergenic body cream designed to moisturise and hydrate baby’s skin,  leaving it hydrated and smooth. All its ingredients are organic, so they’re free from anything that could be harmful to your baby, and the formula combines Beta-Glucan and Oat Oil with Calendula to moisturise and calm red or irritated skin. It’s also great for dry skin as it contains rich ingredients such as Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, making it a great all-rounder cream. On a more practical note the tub itself has a flip top cap which you can open using just one hand, something I’m beginning to master! And it smells clean, un-intrusive and fresh so I can use it on myself too. It’s a beautiful product of the highest quality, which you and your baby can enjoy. And, especially at the moment, nothing makes more sense to me than a multi-tasking product!

Earth’s Best™ Extra Rich Therapy Crème is Hypo-allergenic and Paraben free and priced at £7.29 120g. For more information go to


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