Keeping healthy on the go!

laiafarrangravesWe all know the importance of Omega 3 oils for our heart health and cholesterol levels as well as their overall benefits: keeping our skin glowing, and making us feel full of energy. But eating fish or nuts and seeds – the obvious food choices –  isn’t always on the menu, so taking a supplement is generally a good idea – especially if like me you’re on the go a lot, or feel that you’re juggling your life a little too much. I’ve often purchased supplements only to either forget to take them, or to not get round to doing so – I always seem to remember as I’m leaving the house! This is precisely why I loved taking Naturavits: they’re an Omega 3 supplement in gel capsule form that have added vitamin D3 to help maintain a healthy immune system and to aid its absorption (in fact this supplement is setting a new benchmark of 44% more absorption than your average supplement). You can just chew and you’re done – no glass of water, no fishy after taste (they actually come in orange and lemon flavour and taste like a sweet). Just leave them in your handbag and take them as and when you remember, or if you’re more organised than me you can do so at a specific time. One a day is all you need, give it a go before the season changes!

For more information go to Priced at £11.99 per monthly (30 capsules) supply.


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