Head to head: London Fashion Week’s SS15 latest hair trends

I know you’re probably just getting your head around the new, fast-approaching winter season, and thinking about which winter coat to buy. But it’s always good to look ahead (and get ahead of the fashion pack) preparing for the season to come.  aiafarrangravesOur favourite hair dresser Adam Bennet went behind the scenes and interviewed Indira S, who was heading Toni & Guy‘s hair team at the Jean Pierre Braganza‘s show . He reported back with bells an whistles – here is what he found out for Spring Summer 2015


Last season’s intricate braids were gone and everything was more simplified – which doesn’t mean that it’s easier – quite often it’s harder to create a natural look when a model turns up from another show and you have 8 minutes to get the look done! 15 models and a team of 10 stylists from the session team. A very modern and wearable look with a side parting and a tuck behind the ear to create a hippie vibe. It looks effortless, and the good news is that you should be able to do it yourself at home.

Step by Step
Hair was prepped using Label M Blow Out Spray and was blasted dry for natural texture

Slight tousle through the lengths and ends – to recreate this simply wrap hair around a tong for a couple of seconds to create a bend rather than a curl and pull it gently so it cools in a looser shape


beautyspotblogThe parting was on the same side for all the girls but the fringes were all placed according to suitability to retain character in each girl
To finish Label M Blow Out Spray was sprayed directly onto the hands and gently roughed through the parting to create a more, “lived in” texture

Each stylist backstage has to go through to auditions and a bootcamp in order to prepare for working with the senior session team at Toni & Guy, so you really are dealing with the ‘creme de la creme’ of the hair world. The result? A wearable, elegant, everyday hairstyle we love that you can enjoy next summer. Start practising!

beautyspotblog beautyspot laiafarran


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