Back to the future SS15 hair report from one hairdresser to another…

This time, the fantastic hairdresser Adam Bennet checks out Ashley Isham’s Spring Summer 2015 show at London Fashion Week and speaks to Bill Watson, heading the team for Toni & Guy

beaituspot3The wonderfully charming Bill Watson heading up the team for Tony & Guy explained the look to his team ( listening to how he explained it backstage to his team was great!). There was a really nice atmosphere behind the scenes –  Bill & his team kept buoyant backstage – which is not always the case as catwalk shows can be extremely stressful, which let’s just say doesn’t always bring everybody’s best side out!


beautyspot4Step by Step
A clean, simple look started by prepping the girls’ hair  for wearing hats – creating a perfectly sleek and smooth contour at the back of the head – a little bit “blade runner futuristic sleek”. The hair was then smoothed to the front hairline, slightly off-centre, secured into a ponytail, twisted and pinned.

Two, “triggers” were pulled out in front of the ear like sideburns and the hat was then positioned on the side. All products used by the team were Label M – and the choice of products used was totally dependent on how the girls’ hair looked when they arrived!

laiafarrangravesIn essence, the look was clean and sophisticated without being too rigid. No fussy sections of hair, braids, accessories or intricate detail in sight! This look was specific to wearing hats, but the overall idea is one of simplicity and elegance with a twist. Bring on next summer’s hair trends and get inspired to try something new!




ashley isham beauty spot


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