Give yourself a Super Boost!

Fancy treating your skin to some extreme hydration? We sent our skin expert Sam Richardson to check out a brand-new facial which she loved –  and is now raving about…

Anesis Salon stands out on the strip called The Pavement in Clapham Common. The exterior is as inviting as their signature SuperBoost Facial delivered by the amazing Theresa – it was pure indulgence.

The salon entry has the feel of a lounge – as I walked in, two locals were sat on the couch with their dog chatting to the owner as if they’d just popped round for coffee to a friend’s house. The warmth was extended by the very courteous staff who prepped me and then introduced me to a woman with truly gifted hands called Theresa.


The treatment began with a Roshehip seed cleanser which was light and creamy. I have sensitive skin, and stay away from heavy lotions, but this wasn’t laiafarrangravesone of them. Warm mitts were gently swirled on my cheeks  and I went into a sense of floating relaxation. Within the blacked-out room including the funky snake skin effect wall paper I was quickly in a state of nirvana, only revived by the Fruit Acid Gel that followed. A tingly exhilaration crept over my face as the effect of this exfoliator kicked in. Think of the infamous Laura Mercier lipgloss, add the kick of a handful of chillies and you’ve got the sensation. This led to a soothing and cooling effect and then the most divine touch from Theresa.

beautyspotShe pressed, wrapped, stimulated and tapped my facial muscles…bliss! Then added a Corrective Oxygen Mask that contained plasma serum and apple stem cell serum. After this, a warm towel with essential oil of lavender was placed to cocoon my face and décollete. The blend of serums was light, yet effective enough to penetrate deeply. This relaxed me so much that I wasn’t sure if I needed to go to my weekly meditation class. But on second thoughts I did… A woman can never take enough care of herself!

I’m feeling my face now – it feels supple and loved. Before the winter kicks in and you visibly need one, treat yourself to a facial –  with Theresa. Then tell your friends or make it your Christmas gift to them. You’ll seriously kick yourself if a facial or a massage from her isn’t on your bucket list!

This, their signature deep cleanse and moisturising facial, includes steam & extractions for all skins types. It’s a fabulous facial that will address skin concerns such as dullness, dryness and congestion utilising the Anesis Skin range of cosmeceutical skincare.

For more information go to The Anesis Superboost Facial is priced at £65, for a 60 minute treatment.


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