Sleeping Beauty: Give your skin a boost


Just in time for Christmas, I’ve discovered a brand new product which is  fast-becoming my latest luxury indulgence. It’s called Sleeping Beauty from Skin Design London and it’s a mask you apply as a night treatment.  I love the idea of it working away overnight while I’m off duty so to speak, as it’s a perfect opportunity to boost the skin. Sleeping Beauty is a yeast derived plant-based collagen treatment mask, which you apply and leave overnight but can also use in the daytime and leave for 15 minutes. It also contains avocado and rosehip oils to restore hydration, nourishing Vitamins E and C to enhance elasticity and antioxidants from white, red and green teas blended with acai berries to help fight visible signs of ageing.

The packaging is beautiful and luxurious, and the cream itself is light, slightly fragranced and quickly absorbed. It feels like a treat and the skin responds by feeling plump and hydrated. I’ve only used it a handful of times, but already feel it gives me an extra boost, especially when my skin is dry from the cold weather outside and the central heating indoors. It’s definitely a luxury item, but a little goes a long way so write this one up on your Christmas list and hope someone takes the hint!

About the brand…”Driven by our success and passion, we have created SkinDesignLondon,  a personalised and professional “SKIN CLINIC IN A BOTTLE”.  A designer collection of skincare products filled with treatment based ingredients using cutting edge technology and high yield actives.  Our mission is to improve the health of your skin by delivering immediate results and giving you optimum SKIN HEALTH.”

Available at, priced at £85.00 50ml.


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