Lips to die for

beautyspotblogI love lip balm,especially the smell of some of them, but more often than not it ends up either at my desk  – gathering dust – or at the bottom of my handbag. I somehow don’t seem to use it unless I really, really need to (chapped lips, sore lips or gale force winds outside) which sort of defeats the object. And then I came across Balmi and I started using it all the time. I love the packaging, it’s really genius: a little cube (about an inch and a half square),laiafarrangraves which you open up to look like a giant pencil, and which is really easy to apply. I tried the strawberry flavour, because I love the pale pink colour, and it smells delicious. But the best thing about it is how soft it feels on application – it really melts onto your lips. It contains vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter, and in addition to that it also protects your lips form harmful UVA rays. Balmi also comes in Raspberry, Coconut and Mint flavours. I’m quite tempted to try the coconut flavour next…perhaps I might hint for Valentine’s Day…

For more information go to Priced at £4.99, also available at Boots nationwide.

One response to “Lips to die for

  1. can recommend very fruity and keeps my lips soft in these winter days!

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