Spa Heaven


I have found a great spa to escape to from the busy rhythm of city life. It’s called Y Spa and I’ll tell you ‘Y’ I like it so much…

The entrance to the spa was relaxing, airy and feminine, with its colourful OPI nail varnish displays and elegant furniture. The staff were extremely friendly, and there was a feeling of luxury in the air. As you walk into the spa, there is a café area with a modern feel to it, where you can have a drink and a chat before entering the blissful experience that is this spa.laiafarrangraves

The spa is spotlessly clean and well-organized. The “keys” to my locker were in a convenient wristband and all the sections in the spa were clearly marked, so it was easy to navigate. I was shown around and then left to my own devices. The place is kept clean and tidy by an almost invisible army of staff, working quietly in the background and keeping everything just right, so the clients can enjoy their experience fully. The relaxation area is decorated in soothing, rich colours, which enhanced the experience even further.

I first tested one of their divine state-of-the-art water beds. It was warm – the perfect temperature, in fact – and I covered myself with a soft blanket for a cosy, relaxing moment. It was so comforting, it almost felt like being embraced by an old friend. I rested there for a few minutes, and then wandered to the 1960s “cocoon pods” in the next room. Alongside these cool pod chairs there were also designer armchairs that added to the sharp ’60s look of the room. You could choose from a wide range of books and magazines to read inside your individual pod, which was like a little space of your own, and its clever design cut out any outside noise. We don’t realize how many decibels we handle in our busy lives – you only realize when you get rid of the extra noise. It was a very soothing few minutes. There was also a section with cosy beds and low lighting, but I was eager to try out the spa.

beautyspotlaiafarrangravesThere were two steam rooms, an ice room, two showers with different scents, two saunas (the aptly named Softy and Some Like it Hot) and a small pool-jacuzzi outside. I particularly enjoyed Salty, a steam room with salt water that left you feeling as if you’d had a long swim in the Mediterranean… I then went into Softy, a gentle sauna, to dry off, and then into the ice room (where a block of ice covers an entire wall) for an invigorating few minutes. There was a jug of fresh water waiting for me before I step outside. As I walked into the glorious sunshine (which really contributed to making me feel as if I was on holiday), I noticed couples chatting and laughing, a mother and daughter sipping champagne and a bunch of girls relaxing on a sofa, next to an outdoor fireplace. It occurred to me that pampering and indulgence mean different things to different people and, as our hostess, Melissa, had mentioned in the introductory spa tour, some people want to detox while others want to indulge during a day like this. After some more indulgence in the jacuzzi (shame there wasn’t a larger swimming pool – that’s all that was missing to make the experience perfect), I really felt as if I’d been away for a week-end, and my everyday worries seemed to have melted away in the steam room, any tension in my muscles had dissolved into the waterbed, and any stress had evaporated in the sauna.

laiafarrangravesbeautyspotThe experience ended with a fabulous buffet – a huge variety of healthy and exquisite dishes – overlooking the lake. All around me I could see people laughing, strolling outside in the beautiful grounds, while the friendly staff made sure I was enjoying my time with them – I particularly remember Pom and Magali. Even the fact that I had erratic wifi and phone reception added to the feeling of being away recharging. A perfect end to a wonderful day of complete relaxation.

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