Wyboston Lakes – the perfect getaway

beautyspotbloglaiaIf you’re in need of a break, check out the Wyboston Lakes hotel complex hidden away near Cambridge… I arrived at the hotel at about 10,30 pm on a weekday, after a long day. The train from King’s Cross was so speedy it felt more like a flight, earache included – but it got me to St Neots in no time. I arrived at the hotel complex courtesy of a chatty and well-travelled taxi driver, and when I eventually got there (in the dark, it was a maze of green spaces and hotel buildings) I was informed that my booking was made for the following day in error, and that the hotel was fully booked. However, the very efficient and helpful staff found me a perfectly adequate room in a nearby training centre. The building was fairly modern, carpeted and fairly neutral in design – a cross between a Spanish holiday resort (tiles and summery furniture) and a very English B&B.
The room was very clean and more of a little apartment, with a window overlooking a wild garden, a kitchenette which included a cooker and a fridge, and a bathroom. The television had seen better days and had very limited channels; however, I wasn’t there for the entertainment but for the purpose of relaxation! The bed was huge, very comfortable, and I had a very good night’s sleep. beautyspotThe next day I made myself a morning coffee in my room and went to have a shower. It seems that having so much green around has one minor side effect – spiders! As I walked into the shower I was greeted by a massive spider and thankfully managed  not to scream and wake up the entire 501-540 section of the building. It hid somewhere, probably more scared of me than me of it, and I had a very pleasant power shower. The bathroom was pleasant, clean and tidy. I had breakfast amidst a crowd of corporate executives whom, judging by their animated conversations, were attending meetings in the center. Breakfast was a buffet with the usual offer of English breakfast, cereals, tea and coffee. I would have liked more fresh fruit in the menu, but the healthy eating choice was good. This is a hidden gem of a hotel complex. If you want to get away from it all or need to be near Cambridge and/or Milton Keynes, this is an excellent hotel choice. It is surrounded by green and even a lake, and has a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Wifi and phone reception weren’t the best, but strangely enough, this small issue contributed to making my stay there even more relaxing – I had, literally, switched off. It also offers the superb Y Spa, which you can book to enjoy treatments or enjoy their facilities for the day.

For more information go to Wybostonlakes.co.uk.


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