Grapes: little end-of-summer gems

Beauty SpotAfter spending time this summer on the beach, I decided I needed some extra care in my everyday facial cleansing and toning routine. I’ve recently discovered an extremely hydrating toner, DHC Resveratrol Lotion. It’s gentle and frankly luxurious, yet incredibly light and with a wonderfully fresh scent. It helps promote smoother, more resilient skin as it contains resveratrol, combined with soothing, moisturising cereal extracts to help boost skin’s natural moisture barrier and help with environmental stresses. Resveratrol is an antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes  – they produce it to protect them from adverse conditions, including UV rays, harsh conditions and climate – and it’s even been shown to promote the longevity gene. Introduce it to your daily routine for an extra boost of hydration – and an elegant addition to your bathroom! Plus, any product that helps fight signs of ageing can only be a good thing!

To use: wash your face and gently pat it dry. Apply toner to skin with hands or with the special DHC silky cotton. You’ll immediately feel refreshed, and your skin will feel nourished and soft, ready for your moisturiser.

DHC Resveratrol Lotion is Priced at £43.00. For more information go


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