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Bath-time made easy

beautyspotblogHaving a bath can be an intensely relaxing experience, which can be enjoyed at any age – especially at the end of a long day. Bathing a baby, on the other hand, although fun and rewarding, can also be extremely stressful.  To ensure that as a parent you enjoy this magical experience, and to avoid feeling under pressure when co-ordinating the balancing act that is holding a wet baby and a small towel with only two hands, I strongly advise you to give Cuddledry a go. When I first read about it, I wasn’t sure if it was one of those pointless inventions that although sound great on paper, when it comes to it don’t actually make your life any easier – a chargeable milk frother comes to mind…But trying it out was a revelation: the towel is generous in size and works like an apron (you fasten two poppers behind you neck) that is long enough to fold back on itself and ‘become’ a towel. So when you hold your baby before bathing them you have plenty of fabric to ensure they’re kept warm without their clothes on, and – of course – when you pick them up, you can wrap them up generously and most crucially use both hands to do this is.  So if you’re going to a baby shower any time soon or need to get a baby a new gift, this is something that is both practical and cuddly at the same time. It comes in a number of designs and colour-ways (from leopard print to pale blue and pink) and it’s made of pure unbleached cotton and natural bamboo fibre. It really is silky soft and dries very fast once used. In a word: genius.

For more information visit Prices start at £29.99.


laiafarranThis week I’ve fallen in love with a range of products  for babies from Burt’s Bees called Baby Bee. The buttermilk soap, in particular, is totally addictive and will have you thinking up reasons to go and wash your hands or indeed your baby’s hands…It contains buttermilk, rich in emollients and natural fats which are ideal for sensitive and delicate skin, and oat flour – another great skin soother. It smells absolutely delicious: delicate, soft and sweet without being at all overpowering and feels particularly soft when you apply it on the skin. It’s designed for and loved by babies because of its smooth and gentle texture, but I’m actually sold on it myself…Also particularly delicious in the range is Burt’s Bees Baby Bee’s beautyspotblogShampoo and Wash, because we all love a multi-tasker, especially when we become mums and life becomes a bit of a juggling act! It’s a great product, gentle enough to use every day (it’s tear free and non irritating) and I love that it cleans both hair and body saving you the hassle of needing two products. Its formula includes sweet orange, lemon and coconut oils to create a nourishing and effective cleanser, but more importantly doesn’t contain phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or SLS. It bubbles generously and leaves skin and hair soft, so much so that I’ve stopped using a conditioner too. If you’re looking for a gift for a new mum or you have children yourself this is a great range that ticks all the boxes: from the beautiful packaging to the subtle fragrance and texture, to the fact that the products are made with a lot of love, natural products and no nasties at all. All in all a winner range that I (and more importantly my much harder to please baby daughter) would thoroughly recommend.

For more information go to Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash is priced at £7.99, and the Buttermilk Baby Soap is priced at £4.99.

Luxury in a bottle

beautyspotblogI love the idea of using multi-tasking products. Not only does it make me feel like I’m getting value for money, but I also love to think that things are getting done around me. This is why I’d like to introduce to you the Lala & Bea Organic Family Skincare range, which has been designed to be suitable for use by all the family, meaning you no longer need  to buy a cream or an oil  for your husband, one for your children and one for yourself. No, just the one. The range includes a Baby Oil, a Sleep Tight Pillow Spray, a Nourish Balm and there’s also an adult-only product called Organic Nourish Oil, which due it’s aromatherapy oils may be too strong for babies’ delicate skin.  It contains nourishing sweet almond oil and oat oil, both of which revitalise and moisturise the skin, and a delicate blend of essential oils of sweet orange, geranium, bergamot and cardamom which is just divine.  It was, in fact the scent that enticed me to use it: I gave it a go and absolutely loved it. Like the rest of the range you can feel the quality of the product from the moment you open, smell and feel the product. This particular oil can be used as a moisturiser, in the bath and I’ve found it has made my nails stronger so i’ve been using it as a hand oil. I’ve also added some to the tips of my (dry) hair to hydrate the ends. It’s a great concept and as products go, the practical element of being such an all-round range really appeals to me. The packaging is also charming, as is the idea that  most of its ingredients are sustainable and sourced locally so you’re doing your bit. All in all a great find!

Lala and Bea’s Organic Nourish Oil is priced at £14.50/100ml and available from For more information go

About the brand…”Free from parabens, natural and organic ingredients are used in our skincare and where possible, any ingredients that are grown in the UK are used. We have developed our creams & oils with a medical herbalist to ensure they are as nourishing and healing as possible for use by the entire family.  Our skincare is not tested on animals and all of our ingredients and packaging come from natural and sustainable sources.”



beautyspotblogIf you love the smell of Baby Johnson’s baby products (let’s face it, who doesn’t?!) you’ll love this brand new fragrance from The Library of Fragrance. It’s called Baby Powder and it smells just like baby talcum powder. Of course, once you apply this Eau de Toilette on your skin, some of the top notes evaporate and it adapts to you, it might change a little, but that trusting, just-come-out-of-the-bath scent is definitely in the air: it’s a clean and comforting smell that will take you back (possibly) to your very own childhood. It’s light and fresh and great for the summer as it’s clean and breezy. The fragrance is priced at £15.00 for a 30ml. bottle and is available on their website and Boots (online and stores nationwide}. They have some great scents like Play-doh (another memory lane classic!), Sunshine and Grass. Check them out if you’re after some delicious new colognes!

Advancing scientific research is showing us that scent is processed deep within a part of our brains that also manages emotion and memories. It’s not likely that many of us have tangible memories of being a baby, but it’s very likely that the scent of our Baby Powder fragrance subliminally takes us right back to feeling soothed, cradled and cared for. And who doesn’t want to feel like that at least some of the time?



The big Spring cover up

laiafarrangravesWith Spring officially here and the Easter holidays finally behind us, it’s time to look at the latest trends and re-discover a staple garment that never goes out of fashion: the wrap. Despite the potential of looking a bit ‘safe’ and maybe even been classed as being on the boring side, a good, quality wrap in a great colour is a must-have item for your wardrobe, –especially at this time of year: it’s that extra layer of clothing you can take on or off accordingly, with no bulky jacket or jumper to have to carry around. It’s also one of the more versatile garments you will own, as you can wear it like a scarf, like a shawl/cape or you can even tie it up around your waist as seen in Burberry Prorsum‘s Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear catwalk show. But when it comes to a wrap, you can tell quality straight away, so it really is worth investing in a good one. My fabric of choice is Baby Alpaca, because a part from being luxuriously warm and soft  it’s also water resistant, making it the perfect garment to wear indoors, outdoors and also all year round – whatever the weather! The colours to look out this Spring 2015 are delicate shades of peach, yellow and pink as well as aqua shades, blues and classic greys and taupes – take a look at Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon wearing this cult classic oversized scarf in great on-trend colours…effortlessly chic!

Check out Alpacaguapa‘s latest Baby Alpaca Wraps (£75.00). I think their light blue one is particularly stunning,  maybe because pale blue is one of my all-time favourite colours, but I also love the light grey one as it goes with everything… If you want to see the garments first hand, the next AlpacaGuapa event is in Ascot, on the 17th and 18th of April. Click here to find out about the rest of their events. For more information go to AlpacaGuapa. 100% Baby Alpaca Wraps are priced at £75.00 and are also available online.



Soft as a baby’s bottom


As a relatively new parent, I find that few things are more rewarding than sleeping well, (or not so well!) so anything I can do to help relax my little bundle of joy at bedtime is very welcome. Bathtime is always a hit at home, time to splash about, discover that running water is not solid and that rubber ducks float. And what goes into the water is very important to me, as it contributes to the overall experience. So when I came across Bedtime Bath from Very British Baby I couldn’t resist trying it. It smells clean and fresh with a hint of sweetness – rather like a (clean) baby actually, and bubbles slightly when you rub it on the sponge.  It  feels very hydrating, nourishing and soothing  (so it’s also a good product to help keep your hands smooth as you wash away) – thanks to the gentle formula they’ve developed to moisturise the baby’s sensitive skin and beautyspotscalp. Bedtime Bath is gentle enough for your baby’s daily use and if you have sensitive skin you can even use it yourself! And the packaging is lovely too, featuring a teddy bear in front of a Union Jack…maybe they will be using it in Kensington Gardens!

Very British Baby is available at Asda and Morrisons stores nationwide and online and is priced at £2.97. For more information go to

Editor’s pick: Bio-Oil wonder oil

bautyspotblogThis is a product that smells and feels lovely and that really takes care of any scarring and stretch marks you may have on your skin, and it’s gentle enough to use during pregnancy. It’s one that I use in winter, when my skin has a tendency to dry up and on any burns, scars or scrapes I may get! It has a massive celeb  following which has given it a somewhat cult status, but the bottom line is that it’s a faithful product that will help with specific concerns such as scars, stretch marks, uneven skin and dehydration.


The Bio-Oil unique formulation includes vitamin A and E with Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile oils, and their very own Bio-Oil, PurCellin Oil™ (that somehow create a “dry” oil which is non-greasy) to ensure they’re easily-absorbed into the skin where they can provide targeted treatment.
Bio-Oil has been clinically proven to help with scars, stretch marks,  uneven Skin Tone, Ageing Skin and Dehydrated Skin.

Bio-Oil is preservative-free and is not tested on animals. Available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Asda, Lloyds Pharmacy, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Savers, Bodycare, SemiChem, Wilkinsons, Primark, Amazon and independent pharmacies nationwide. 60ml rsp £8.95, 125ml rsp £14.95, 200ml rsp £19.95

Soft as a baby’s bottom


As a new mum, my beauty regime has somewhat gone out of the window, which is why I’m reviewing a baby cream not only as a fabulous baby product but as an occasional moisturiser for myself too. Earth’s Best™ Extra Rich Therapy Crème is a hypo allergenic body cream designed to moisturise and hydrate baby’s skin,  leaving it hydrated and smooth. All its ingredients are organic, so they’re free from anything that could be harmful to your baby, and the formula combines Beta-Glucan and Oat Oil with Calendula to moisturise and calm red or irritated skin. It’s also great for dry skin as it contains rich ingredients such as Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, making it a great all-rounder cream. On a more practical note the tub itself has a flip top cap which you can open using just one hand, something I’m beginning to master! And it smells clean, un-intrusive and fresh so I can use it on myself too. It’s a beautiful product of the highest quality, which you and your baby can enjoy. And, especially at the moment, nothing makes more sense to me than a multi-tasking product!

Earth’s Best™ Extra Rich Therapy Crème is Hypo-allergenic and Paraben free and priced at £7.29 120g. For more information go to

Lavender oil must-have

beautyspotblogEvery night I bath and massage my gorgeous baby girl, something she absolutely loves. At first I massaged her with extra virgin olive oil, as recommended by my Health Visitor. But now that she is a bit older I have decided to try out a scented oil to add to the ritual and see how she likes it. I couldn’t resist the Essential Care Baby Organic Massage Oil for a number of reasons: it’s organic, Soil Association certified and it smells amazing. It’s a  gentle blend of pure organic oils, and its’ delicately fragranced with lavender and chamomile. Both lavender and chamomile are designed to soothe and calm so it’s the ideal oil to help induce sleep. It’s sweet and light and absolutely delicious. I cover her with it – when massaging – and she is definitely a satisfied customer, I also use it on the back of her head where her skin can be a little bit dry and it also hydrates beautifully. In addition to being great for her, it’s also very good for my hands and nails, so the perfect treat for a tired mummy. Other ingredients include extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil. It’s a little bit of heaven in a bottle.

Essential Care Baby Organic Massage Oil is available at, and priced at £9.50. It’s Soil Association certified and suitable for Vegans. Size: 70ml.