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Trend alert: Spring looks for eye make up

beautyspotblogAs we prepare for a new season, it’s time to go through our wardrobe, and – of course – our make up bags. This Spring eye make up is all about being subtle and natural with a hint of colour. In the case of Matthew Williamson’s Spring Summer 2015 catwalk show, for example, the chosen colour was pink, but you can go for any shade you like as long as you keep it very light, and focus on that barely-there look. Work on your eyebrows and get the best shape you can (I highly recommend Shavata in Marylebone, London, for a fabulous shape) and keep your lipsticks and highlighter or blush natural by using nude tones. It’a all about clean, healthy skin and hair. Eyelashes are also big this season but, again, I recommend that you opt for a natural look (as opposed to a more TOWIE vibe). If mascara isn’t enough for you when framing your eyes, you can use some  Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes from Younique, which will attach to your existing lashes like a thick beautyspotbloglaiafarrangravesmascara once you apply some primer gel on your lashes; it will then stay on like a normal mascara to give you that great, defined look. I also tried some  Moodstruck Mineral Pigment Powder and loved the shimmery finish and hydrating feeling it gave me. Curious is a great white colour that works well with that of-the-moment barely-there look and Confident is a lovely coffee shade that blends into your skin tone effortlessly.
For more information go to The Moodstruck 3d Fiber Mascara is £23 and the Moodstruck Mineral Pigment Powder are £10 each or 4 for £35.


Know your brushes!

Know your makeup brushes

With so many different makeup brushes around, it can be difficult to know which brush to use and the technique for best application. Here is a simple guide to show you how they can be used to ensure that you look fabulous at all times…


Liquid Foundation Brushes


Foundation brushes can come in different shapes and sizes depending on the finish you would like. Their bristles are generally soft and dense to help apply liquid foundations evenly. One main design is the flat brush (right), this helps to sweep on foundation giving a finish that is perfect for day time! On the other hand, a buffing brush (left) helps to build layers if you are going for a heavier finish or applying makeup for a night out.

Mineral Foundation Brush

beautyspotblog1A mineral foundation brush is much softer with flexible bristles. This gives lighter coverage for a natural look that helps to brighten your skin without overloading it.


Contouring Brush

beautyspotblog2A technique that has recently become very popular in the beauty market is contouring; its slanted brush with rounded corners helps to bring out features of your face with different shades. This can be used for your face, cheeks and nose to create a shadow or highlighting effect and can be used with liquid, powdered or gel makeup.

Blush Brush

beautyspotblog3This is another brush which is designed to lightly add colour to your cheeks. The flexible rounded brush is perfect for sweeping over the apples of your cheeks to add instant colour. The soft and densely packed bristles help to build up a colour without becoming too overpowering and can come in different sizes to help suit the shape of your face.

Fan Brushes

beautyspotblog4Perhaps one of the most distinctive brushes, the fan brush, is a versatile brush that can be used to apply loose powder, contour and apply bronzer. The bristles are spread to ensure the powder is lightly applied and an even finish is given over all of your face.



Powder Brushes

beautyspotblog5Powder brushes are large, soft and full of bristles to help distribute power over your face evenly. You use this brush to sweep the powder over your face and set your foundation giving you the appearance of flawless, velvet soft skin!



 Eyeshadow Brushes

beautyspotblog6There are a whole range of eyeshadow brushes that help to create diferent effects. Three that we have homed in on are the blending brush, the small eyeshadow brush and the flat angle eyeshadow brush.

The blending brush (top) helps to  blend colours together and highlight the areas such as the brow bone or corner of your eye.

The small eyeshadow brush (middle) helps to apply a colour over your eye without dragging the skin or irritating the eye, the small shape also helps to build up colour in particular areas that can then be blended.

The longer haired flat brush (bottom) is perfect for giving an even finish over the eye socket. The densly packed bristles are perfect for giving a full, vibrant colour.

Eye liner

beautyspotblog7If you are an eyeliner fanatic then there are a range of eyeliner brushes to help suit your style. The fine tipped brush helps to create a small and precise line and is perfect for gel liner. Whilst the small, flat angled brush helps you to build up the colour and blend for a smokey eye effect!



Brow Brushes

beautyspotblog8We are all loving the Cara Delevigne style eyebrows at the minute, so the best way to help define and create full eyebrows is using a slanted eyebrow brush (left). The design helps to control the application and fill in any sparse areas.

The way to tame large eyebrows and ensure there isn’t a hair out of place is by using a spiral eyebrow brush. Pictured right, it has stiff bristles to help create a distinct shape!


 Lip Brush

BeautyspotblogThe lip brush is specially designed for precise application. The small bristles are firm in order to help outline your lip and build up a heavy application, both of which ensure that your lips look flawless!

For more information about the perfect brushes for you, visit House of Fraser’s Makeup brush buying guide and get the most out of your tools!


Black is black

beauty spot blog

If you want to invest in a good mascara bursting with goodness, check out the new Black Volcanic Minerals Mascara from KORRES. It’s enriched with volcanic minerals, cotton extract, Sunflower polymers and grape to strengthen and protect your lashes. It’s very black – if you know what I mean– and will add volume to your lashes, giving them that dramatic look that can be so hard to achieve. You can apply the mascara once if you’re after a hint of make up or twice to make a statement, so it’s versatile in its usage. It’s particularly good if you have sensitive skin and you’re conscious of what products you use as it contains Marine Algae extracts to encourage lash growth by stimulating the microcirculation, and Thyme Extract, an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory & antioxidant barrier to combat environmental factors. It comes in back and in brown, both of which are great shades. I tried the black one and loved the generous brush it comes in and how easily it glides onto your lashes. If it’s not too late to add to your Christmas list I highly recommend that you do…

Beauty essentials summer must-have: waterproof mascara

laiafarrangraves_beautyspotGoing on holiday?  You might be wondering what beauty products to take with you. If you want to keep it practical, at the top of the list there should always be a good sun-screen (a higher SPF for your face than for the rest of your body), and in terms of make-up all you’re going to need is a neutral lip gloss or natural lipstick – if you’re more of a lipstick girl – and some good quality waterproof mascara. I tried the new Maxi Mascara from Miners Cosmetics. It comes in summery blue packaging and it’s ideal for a long-lasting look.  You can also use it if you like going to the gym or if you’re anything like me if you’re attending a summer wedding (I always pack some tissues!) The mascara itself is very dark, and made of long-lasting pigment that doesn’t fade, streak or smudge as the day goes on. A great high performance high-street winner.

The Maxi Mascara Waterproof is priced at £3.49, available at

Want killer, curved lashes? Read on…

laiafarrangraves_beautyspotNew from Collection (formerly known as Collection 2000) I’ve discovered a great mascara called Killer Curves that will bring out your lashes and give them a glamorous full-bodied look. It comes in ultra black only, and the pigment is very solid so the colour stays on for hours after you’ve applied it – without you needing to touch it up. It’s ideal to recreate the glamor of the 1950s (wear it with liquid eye liner and red lips and some old-fashioned rouge) and even the packaging has a retro look to it, reminiscent of the 50s Coca Cola pin-up posters, and the brush itself is hour-glass shaped!

You can apply it once and for a day-time look (I could see the difference between my normal mascara and Killer Curves straight away) or you can add a second layer to reveal a fuller look.laiafarrangraves_beautyspot I was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t flake or smudge, but just gave my lashes a fuller effect. This mascara is perfect if you want extra curve and volume to your lashes, no matter how fine they are to begin with, as the shape of the brush is designed to reach them all delivering ‘maximum curve’ and it’s
enhanced with latex polymers to set the lashes for a long-lasting curve and for voluptuous volume. And the best thing of all? The price point is very reasonable, at  £3.99. It’s definitely worth a try, I’ve made it my new staple and love wearing it.

For more information go to Killer Curves from Collection is priced at £3.99. Available online and at Boots and Superdrug nationwide.

La la lashes!

laiafarrangraves_beautyspotLashes are big right now, and if you love to dress up and party, customised lashes are the latest must-have. These gorgeous On The Lash! sets from Urbanista are great for Christmas parties, because they are easy to use, very effective and won’t break the bank. They come in two styles to choose from: one has a silver glitter edge that follows your eyelid (where you draw your eyeliner) and the other has diamontes in silver, baby blue and bubblegum pink dotted symmetrically around the lashes. To apply, simply use the glue provided in the pack and press down for about 30 seconds until they feel secure on your eyelids. You’ll glam up in an instant and be ready to party!

Urbanista On the Lash are priced at £4.99 per pack, for more information go to