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Full blast volume

LaiafarrangravesNow that summer is most definitely over, your hair may need a little extra pampering – it may have suffered a little more than usual and be in need of a bit of extra TLC after too much sun, chlorine and salt. If your hair is also fine and coloured, all those elements add up to a recipe for disaster. But don’t despair – I have the perfect remedy! If you’re looking for a little extra “oomph” in your hair, but with no heaviness or overpowering fragrances, I found this delightful hair mask. I used it when my hair was not only coloured, but also sun-damaged and in desperate need of a trim – it did the trick and saw me through a challenging time, hair-wise. Pure Volume Masque is a delicious and light – yet wonderfully creamy – preparation that you smooth onto your hair and leave to work its magic after shampooing. It’s a gentle and lightweight treatment for fine hair that adds moisture and nourishes deeply. The result is silky smooth but without weighing your hair down. Vitamin B5 adds volume and vitality, and results are long lasting. Their special Colour Guard Complex protects hair and reduces the loss of colour which comes with washing, heat styling, UV rays and free radicals. It’s produced by Maria Nila in Sweden with 100% vegan ingredients and is sulphate and paraben free. Plus, it smells absolutely divine! You’ll walk around surrounded by a gentle tropical garden scent to ease you gently into autumn.

The Maria Nila Pure Volume Mask is priced at EUR 27. For more information go to


Hair rescue

laiafarrangravesDespite always using great hair shampoo and conditioner, my hair feels pretty dry at the moment, so I decided to have a trim and to  purchase a hair mask. This Intensive Mask from label.m is designed to combat just that: dry and dehydrated hair and it’s very easy to use because it’s light and you only need to leave it on for three minutes (and it smells delicious!). It also has an exclusive formula called Hydra-5 moisture-regulating complex, which works on your hair to prevent further damage by replacing lost moisture, and strengthening the follicles from within – leaving it stronger and shinier than ever before; in addition to which it shields the hair against heat styling and UV rays, so it’s a bit of an all-rounder! After using, it my hair feels markedly softer and silkier and it untangles effortlessly, which is not always the case!. Its key ingredients are Bran, Cottonseeds, Shea Butter and Amazon Cupuau – a particularly restorative component that boosts the hair’s recovery to attain maximum moisture and elasticity, avoiding breakage and split ends; it’s also Sulphate free, Sodium Chloride free, so completely safe to use.

To use: Apply to wet hair and massage from roots to ends to distribute product evenly. Leave in for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Apply 1-2 times a week for optimum results.

label.m‘s Intensive mask is priced at £13.75 and is available online and in all label.m concept salons, TONI&GUY and essensuals salons. For more information go to

Back to the future SS15 hair report from one hairdresser to another…

This time, the fantastic hairdresser Adam Bennet checks out Ashley Isham’s Spring Summer 2015 show at London Fashion Week and speaks to Bill Watson, heading the team for Toni & Guy

beaituspot3The wonderfully charming Bill Watson heading up the team for Tony & Guy explained the look to his team ( listening to how he explained it backstage to his team was great!). There was a really nice atmosphere behind the scenes –  Bill & his team kept buoyant backstage – which is not always the case as catwalk shows can be extremely stressful, which let’s just say doesn’t always bring everybody’s best side out!


beautyspot4Step by Step
A clean, simple look started by prepping the girls’ hair  for wearing hats – creating a perfectly sleek and smooth contour at the back of the head – a little bit “blade runner futuristic sleek”. The hair was then smoothed to the front hairline, slightly off-centre, secured into a ponytail, twisted and pinned.

Two, “triggers” were pulled out in front of the ear like sideburns and the hat was then positioned on the side. All products used by the team were Label M – and the choice of products used was totally dependent on how the girls’ hair looked when they arrived!

laiafarrangravesIn essence, the look was clean and sophisticated without being too rigid. No fussy sections of hair, braids, accessories or intricate detail in sight! This look was specific to wearing hats, but the overall idea is one of simplicity and elegance with a twist. Bring on next summer’s hair trends and get inspired to try something new!




ashley isham beauty spot

Head to head: London Fashion Week’s SS15 latest hair trends

I know you’re probably just getting your head around the new, fast-approaching winter season, and thinking about which winter coat to buy. But it’s always good to look ahead (and get ahead of the fashion pack) preparing for the season to come.  aiafarrangravesOur favourite hair dresser Adam Bennet went behind the scenes and interviewed Indira S, who was heading Toni & Guy‘s hair team at the Jean Pierre Braganza‘s show . He reported back with bells an whistles – here is what he found out for Spring Summer 2015


Last season’s intricate braids were gone and everything was more simplified – which doesn’t mean that it’s easier – quite often it’s harder to create a natural look when a model turns up from another show and you have 8 minutes to get the look done! 15 models and a team of 10 stylists from the session team. A very modern and wearable look with a side parting and a tuck behind the ear to create a hippie vibe. It looks effortless, and the good news is that you should be able to do it yourself at home.

Step by Step
Hair was prepped using Label M Blow Out Spray and was blasted dry for natural texture

Slight tousle through the lengths and ends – to recreate this simply wrap hair around a tong for a couple of seconds to create a bend rather than a curl and pull it gently so it cools in a looser shape


beautyspotblogThe parting was on the same side for all the girls but the fringes were all placed according to suitability to retain character in each girl
To finish Label M Blow Out Spray was sprayed directly onto the hands and gently roughed through the parting to create a more, “lived in” texture

Each stylist backstage has to go through to auditions and a bootcamp in order to prepare for working with the senior session team at Toni & Guy, so you really are dealing with the ‘creme de la creme’ of the hair world. The result? A wearable, elegant, everyday hairstyle we love that you can enjoy next summer. Start practising!

beautyspotblog beautyspot laiafarran

Having a good hair day?

laiafarrangravesbeautyspotblogWhen I have a good hair day, I must admit, things seem to flow much better than when I don’t. So when I read about this campaign I wanted to share it with the world. It has been set up by hair growth brand Viviscal, and for every person in the UK that fills in the survey (and it only takes 2 minutes!) they will donate £1 to Look Good Feel Better, a support charity that helps cancer patients who are undergoing treatment to regain a sense of control and normality into their lives.

Viviscal understands the importance of what a good or bad hair day really means, and how it can affect your overall self-confidence. With this in mind we have launched a brand new campaign to explore the link between hair and confidence in greater detail. Viviscal have just set up a global hair census – Hair Confessions – and want to hear from women about their hair experiences and emotions.

Interested? And if you take part, you’ll be entered into a draw to win a trip to the Oscar Weekend 2014 in LA where you and a friend will have an A-list make over with celebrity hair and makeup artists before attending the famous ceremony – as well as helping a good cause. Here’s a link to the global hair census: Go and do your bit!

For more information about Viviscal and hair growth, go to and check out some of their interesting articles. You will also be able to  see the results of the survey on their blog very soon!

The Wow factor

laiafarrangravesbeautyspotIf you’re after super glossy, sleek hair this is a great find that will transform frizzy hair into smooth. Whether your dryness is caused by colouring it or just by the general damage caused by the sun or the cold weather, this styling cream will add a silky finish to it. To use, you just need to apply a coin size of product and run it through your hair, concentrating on the areas you’re concerned about.  It will add moisture to it, giving it that groomed look that is so ‘right-now’. It’s soft to the touch and feels as if it’s melting into your hair! You can also blow dry the hair after using this product, which will give an ever more dramatic finish to it. The products is a lightweight blend of humectants (does not contain waxes or emulsifiers) and it works by penetrating into brittle hair to replace natural oils lost during chemical treatments, blow-drying and daily stress. It’s a quick, easy and very effective treatment so add it to your Christmas list to ensure your hair is looking healthy and shiny for the holidays.

Like the rest of the WOW products you’ll love its fresh smell and silky texture, as you run it through your hair.

One minute transformation miracle styling cream, is priced at £9 and available at QVC and

Heavenly Hair

For those of you who don’t know me, I have (very) long hair, so when I heard about Dove’s new Nourishing Oil Express Conditioner I was very keen to give it a go. The truth is I loved it from the moment I squeezed it out of the tube and it looked like stripy ice cream: it smells fantastic and instantly detangles and smoothes the hair. The great thing about it is that it’s a conditioning treatment, but because of its Nutri-Oils  formula you don’t need to wait 5 minutes or more for it to work. And at a RRP of £3.29 for 180ml it’s budget friendly too.

I asked stylist extraordinaire Adam Bennett from Stonehills Hair some hair care questions:

How often should you wash your hair? 
This is a question I get asked a lot! It completely depends on y
our lifestyle – there’s no hard and fast rule. An average woman with highlighted hair who goes to the gym three times a week and commutes everyday would be looking at every other day with the use of a good dry shampoo in between (Klorane is amazing). Having a thorough consultation with your regular stylist to talk about which products work best for your hair type is 15 minutes well spent. 

How often should it be conditioned/intensely conditioned?
If your hair is longer than a crop then condition it every time you wash it. It should be part of your routine.  A hair mask once a week works but can be impractical, so perhaps look at an intensive overnight treatment instead (Kerastase Voile Nuit is super conditioning but light).

Hair’s worst enemy?
In the UK the weather!! It can be sunny/cold/wet/humid all in the same week so your hair can go from being limp and lifeless to frizzy, fly-away and unruly. It’s at this point when it gets hard to manage texture, which is when most people resort to rough drying their hair (raising the cuticle – bad!) and then whizzing the flat irons through it! 

Hair’s best friend
At the moment I have two: a good quality Brazilian blow dry and a can of dry shampoo.

 General tips
Whether you have your haircut every 4,6 or 8 weeks I think you should see your stylist every 6 weeks so that you can talk about your concerns, your hair care regime and –of course –the best way to move forward with your look.

For more information on Dove’s hair range go to