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Luxury in a bottle

beautyspotblogI love the idea of using multi-tasking products. Not only does it make me feel like I’m getting value for money, but I also love to think that things are getting done around me. This is why I’d like to introduce to you the Lala & Bea Organic Family Skincare range, which has been designed to be suitable for use by all the family, meaning you no longer need  to buy a cream or an oil  for your husband, one for your children and one for yourself. No, just the one. The range includes a Baby Oil, a Sleep Tight Pillow Spray, a Nourish Balm and there’s also an adult-only product called Organic Nourish Oil, which due it’s aromatherapy oils may be too strong for babies’ delicate skin.  It contains nourishing sweet almond oil and oat oil, both of which revitalise and moisturise the skin, and a delicate blend of essential oils of sweet orange, geranium, bergamot and cardamom which is just divine.  It was, in fact the scent that enticed me to use it: I gave it a go and absolutely loved it. Like the rest of the range you can feel the quality of the product from the moment you open, smell and feel the product. This particular oil can be used as a moisturiser, in the bath and I’ve found it has made my nails stronger so i’ve been using it as a hand oil. I’ve also added some to the tips of my (dry) hair to hydrate the ends. It’s a great concept and as products go, the practical element of being such an all-round range really appeals to me. The packaging is also charming, as is the idea that  most of its ingredients are sustainable and sourced locally so you’re doing your bit. All in all a great find!

Lala and Bea’s Organic Nourish Oil is priced at £14.50/100ml and available from Lalaandbea.com. For more information go Lalaandbea.com.

About the brand…”Free from parabens, natural and organic ingredients are used in our skincare and where possible, any ingredients that are grown in the UK are used. We have developed our creams & oils with a medical herbalist to ensure they are as nourishing and healing as possible for use by the entire family.  Our skincare is not tested on animals and all of our ingredients and packaging come from natural and sustainable sources.”


Soft as a baby’s bottom


As a relatively new parent, I find that few things are more rewarding than sleeping well, (or not so well!) so anything I can do to help relax my little bundle of joy at bedtime is very welcome. Bathtime is always a hit at home, time to splash about, discover that running water is not solid and that rubber ducks float. And what goes into the water is very important to me, as it contributes to the overall experience. So when I came across Bedtime Bath from Very British Baby I couldn’t resist trying it. It smells clean and fresh with a hint of sweetness – rather like a (clean) baby actually, and bubbles slightly when you rub it on the sponge.  It  feels very hydrating, nourishing and soothing  (so it’s also a good product to help keep your hands smooth as you wash away) – thanks to the gentle formula they’ve developed to moisturise the baby’s sensitive skin and beautyspotscalp. Bedtime Bath is gentle enough for your baby’s daily use and if you have sensitive skin you can even use it yourself! And the packaging is lovely too, featuring a teddy bear in front of a Union Jack…maybe they will be using it in Kensington Gardens!

Very British Baby is available at Asda and Morrisons stores nationwide and online and is priced at £2.97. For more information go to  Groceries.morrisons.com.

Here comes the sun

Laiafarrangraves_beautyspotIf you fancy a touch of freshness whilst waiting for Spring to make an entrance, maybe a touch of Lush’s Euphoria will do the trick. As part of their new Gorilla Perfumes collection, this is a beautiful fragrance that contains rose oil, neroli, grapefruit, lime and clary sage. It’s made of natural ingredients, using the finest essential oils, and the smell reminds me of a Spring garden in the great outdoors. It takes its inspiration directly from the techniques and oils of aromatherapy, and the scent is designed to enhance and uplift your mood. Like the rest of the Lush product range, these perfumes are made by hand using natural, good quality ingredients. The packaging is also fun – this one reminds me of old-fashioned circus posters. There are plenty of perfumes in the collection, including a Jasmine-based one called Sikkim Girls and a Sandalwood variation called The Voice of Reason. Worth checking out, especially if you’re after something a little bit different…

Until June 2013, the Gorilla Perfume Pop Up shop, Shoreditch will host a series of events spanning all creative media, with a focus on scent and the senses.

For further details and gallery updates, please visit www.gorillaperfume.com. Euphoria is priced at £10 (7g).

Now wash your hands!

Washing your hands has never been so much fun. The new hand wash from Blend  Collective in their enlivening range is spectacular: it contains Sicilian Lemon, May Chang, Myrtle and Lime essential oils, selected for their particurlarly invigorating, refreshing an revitalising properties. Blend Collective has three different ranges, each created by a different blender. The enlivening range is devised by Alec Lawless, a trained Jungian psychotherapist with more than 20 years of experience in the perfume industry, who really understands the art of producing delicate and complex fragrances that evoke personal memories and emotions.
The hand soap is gorgeous and smells beautiful and lemon- rich (it personally takes me back to summer holidays), and the packaging is also fabulous. It’s a generous looking dispenser that will look great in any bathroom or kitchen.  I love the subtle scent it leaves on your hands, as it’s not overpowering but makes you feel fresh and clean. I definitely recommend it for yourself – or I also think it would make a wonderful gift.

Brand story
A team of leading aromatherapy and perfume experts from the UK have combined their expertise to produce BLEND collective – an exceptional range of truly natural body care. Every product is between 99% to 100% natural with a carefully considered blend of delicate essential oils and other powerful natural ingredients, designed to nourish and nurture body and mind.

The Enlivening Collection – an invigorating combination of Sicilian Lemon, May Chang, Myrtle and Lime that give an energising lift.

The Balancing Collection – a gentle collaboration of Star Jasmine, Geranium, Vetiver and Rose to restore equilibrium to body and mind.

The Unwinding Collection – a calming mix of Sandalwood, Frankincense, Cedarwood and Neroli to help you relax.

Hand wash price: £13.95
For more information go to www.blendcollective.co.uk