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5 reasons to LOVE this lip balm

laiafarrangravesLips often get forgotten when it comes to moisturising. I apply cream on my face daily, but I don’t moisturise my lips unless they feel sore or I can see it’s a windy day outside. And I don’t wear make up every day – I’m a great believer in looking after your skin and in the principle that less is more – so they don’t get moisturised by wearing lipstick. However, when I came across this coloured lip balm I was converted. Jane Iredale’s Lipdrink SPF15 Lip Balm is a real find. It’s a very soft lip balm, which I tried in a brand new beautiful shade called Flirt that is subtle enough to look completely natural. It protects from the sun, intensely hydrates and adds a hint of colour to your lips. It also comes in a berry shade called Crush, a brown shade called Buff and as a lip balm with no colour, just a bit of sheen, called Sheer. So here is why I think you will love Jane Iredale’s Lipdrink:

  1. The colour: it’s soft and subtle and looks completely natural, just your lips on a better day
  2. The scent: as you apply it you will smell the uplifting scent of the zest of a lemon being crushed into your lips
  3. The fact that this product is completely cruelty free, vegan and gluten free – so it’s a little stick of goodness
  4. The ingredients: natural oils including avocado, carrot seed and lemon peel to name but a few
  5. The texture: it’s so intensely moisturising that it literally glides on and protects you from the sun for softer, more kissable lips.

Need I say any more?

For more information go to janeiredale.com/uk. Lipdrink SPF15 Lip Balm is priced at £14.00.



Into the sun

beautyspotblogWe all know that we’re meant to wear sun protection all year round to protect our skin from damaging sun rays, but during the summer months it’s that more important to do so, as the sun is out in full force – even if it’s cloudy. I try to always wear sun cream, but often I find that the products that offer the best protection are thick and white, so hard to blend into one’s skin. So when I came across a brand new product called SPF45 Tinted Moisturiser, which is part of the Marine Skincare from Spa Technologies, I was keen to give it a try. It’s a gorgeous cream that smells clean and refreshing and is instantly absorbed into the skin, providing an even and matt finish. It’s a great daily moisturiser with a hint of colour that you can wear without worrying about adding sun protection, and because it’s so packed-full of nutrients (its main active ingredients are Hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and mineral make-up) you know that you’re also nourishing and feeding your skin. The entire range of serums and creams are, in fact, formulated by blending natural active ingredients into a 70% food-grade seaweed base (seaweed contains magnesium, potassium and phosphorous, essential for collagen production, which maintains the skin’s elasticity), resulting in a nutrient-rich product that provides protection against ageing without relying on chemicals, so you know it’s completely safe to wear. Not only that, but the range is completely vegan so free of any animal products, which is wonderful in itself on so many levels… I love that this luxurious, high-end brand is so ethical and results driven, as often the most effective creams available have very heavily chemically-based formulas. So if you’re conscious of what you consume inside and out (remember that the skin is the largest organ of your body), but still want a product that delivers, this could be the brand for you. You heard it here first!

Spa technologies is:
Hypo-allergenic, contains no Parabens, no sulphates, no sulphides, no MI, no artificial fragrances or colours, no animal product, and is not tested on animals.

The SPF 45 Tinted Moisturiser from Spa Technologies is priced at £25, and £101 for the Restore kitAvailable from Spatechnologiesuk.com  For more information or to see the full range here go to http://www.veganbeautyskincare.co.uk/product-category/skincare 

Give yourself a Super Boost!

Fancy treating your skin to some extreme hydration? We sent our skin expert Sam Richardson to check out a brand-new facial which she loved –  and is now raving about…

Anesis Salon stands out on the strip called The Pavement in Clapham Common. The exterior is as inviting as their signature SuperBoost Facial delivered by the amazing Theresa – it was pure indulgence.

The salon entry has the feel of a lounge – as I walked in, two locals were sat on the couch with their dog chatting to the owner as if they’d just popped round for coffee to a friend’s house. The warmth was extended by the very courteous staff who prepped me and then introduced me to a woman with truly gifted hands called Theresa.


The treatment began with a Roshehip seed cleanser which was light and creamy. I have sensitive skin, and stay away from heavy lotions, but this wasn’t laiafarrangravesone of them. Warm mitts were gently swirled on my cheeks  and I went into a sense of floating relaxation. Within the blacked-out room including the funky snake skin effect wall paper I was quickly in a state of nirvana, only revived by the Fruit Acid Gel that followed. A tingly exhilaration crept over my face as the effect of this exfoliator kicked in. Think of the infamous Laura Mercier lipgloss, add the kick of a handful of chillies and you’ve got the sensation. This led to a soothing and cooling effect and then the most divine touch from Theresa.

beautyspotShe pressed, wrapped, stimulated and tapped my facial muscles…bliss! Then added a Corrective Oxygen Mask that contained plasma serum and apple stem cell serum. After this, a warm towel with essential oil of lavender was placed to cocoon my face and décollete. The blend of serums was light, yet effective enough to penetrate deeply. This relaxed me so much that I wasn’t sure if I needed to go to my weekly meditation class. But on second thoughts I did… A woman can never take enough care of herself!

I’m feeling my face now – it feels supple and loved. Before the winter kicks in and you visibly need one, treat yourself to a facial –  with Theresa. Then tell your friends or make it your Christmas gift to them. You’ll seriously kick yourself if a facial or a massage from her isn’t on your bucket list!

This, their signature deep cleanse and moisturising facial, includes steam & extractions for all skins types. It’s a fabulous facial that will address skin concerns such as dullness, dryness and congestion utilising the Anesis Skin range of cosmeceutical skincare.

For more information go to Anesis.co.uk. The Anesis Superboost Facial is priced at £65, for a 60 minute treatment.


Rock and roll-on

We all know how wonderful Argan Oil is,  both for the skin and hair. But a lot of the Argan Oil products that are available on the market  are mixed with other ingredients, often making them less effective. This is why Melvita’s 100% Argan Oil roll-on is such a great find: it is completely pure (cold pressed and unscented from organic farming with no preservatives or colorants) and very easy to apply directly onto dry skin on your lips of face. You can also roll some onto your fingertips and run them through the ends of your hair to add some gloss to it. It’s easy to carry too, as you can put it in your make-up bag or handbag. When you use it, not too much comes out, just enough to cover the skin without making it too greasy. It feels lovely and soft…a real treat.

The Argan tree grows on the Moroccan coast and yields an oil that is exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids. Argan Oils is known to soften wrinkles by boosting the natural moisture barrierand plumping the skin, making it a beauty must-have.

Melvita’s Argan Oil 10ml retails at £9.00. For more information go to www.uk.melvita.com.

Heavenly Soap


This gorgeous soap, has recently been introduced to Whole Foods Market, and is the perfect example of a luxury brand that successfully embraces all things organic. The Rose and Geranium Indulge Soap Bar from Jardins D’EDEN – part of their extremely special Indulge range – has regenerating and nourishing properties as well as being beautifully scented and in impressive packaging. I’ve been using it in the shower and have found that it works best as a face cleanser (as opposed to an overall body wash) as it’s light, delicate and very nourishing in texture –  and the more I use it the softer it gets, making its application even easier and its performance even better. The soap’s main ingredients are Rose and Geranium 100% essential oils, Pink Clay, Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Rosehip Oil. Hand made in London, the formulation is free from artificial colourings, Parabens and other nasties and also comes in Lavender Ylang Ylang if you like a more relaxing scent. Either way the products are stunning and will enhance your morning or evening shower ritual and do wonders for your skin.

Our natural Olive oil based soap recipe is enriched with Shea butter and Rosehip oil. Each luxurious soap has its own unique therapeutic essential oil blend wrapped with nutritive botanic ingredients to offer a complete range of natural care for all types of skins.

For more information go to www.jardinsdeden.co.uk. The Rose and Geranium Indulge Soap Bar is priced at £8 and available online, and Harrods and at Whole Foods Market.

To the rescue!

laiafarrangraves_beautyspotI was recommended the Nourishing Oil Treatment for hair and scalp from Chery Lin to combat dry hair, so decided it to give it a try. It’s an oil that has an old-fashioned feel to it, possibly because of its rich scent that combines peppermint and lavender, amongst other essential oils. It’s designed to treat damaged and dry hair, but can be used by all hair types as a conditioning treatment. This tonic is truly bursting with wonderful ingredients that not only will address the structural damage to the hair by nourishing it, but will also strengthen the health of the scalp, which of course is essential to help promote the health of hair follicles and circulation. It’s a relaxing treatment, but one you will need to put aside time to enjoy. To use, you massage a palm full of oil into your dry hair and scalp and cover it with a towel. After about half an hour you can shampoo and condition as usual, so it could be the perfect addition to your Sunday morning beauty routine. It’s a very comforting treatment because of the essential oils used, and it should have a holistic effect–  not only by nourishing your hair but also by soothing your soul.

About the brand: Chery Lin Skin Therapy, the Cotswolds-based skin care company, is focused on treating your skin, body and senses™ as a whole with toxin free skin care through the use of kind, yet powerful, pure ingredients.

For more information go to www.cherylin.co.uk. The hair and scalp oil (150ml) is priced at £16.60.

Pure luxury…

If you have dry skin, you might not have found that perfect product that will give you the extra hydration you need without overdoing it. If that’s your story, you might want to try out the Heavenly Face Rose Elixir from  Jardins D’Eden. It’s an oil that has  been formulated to be used  as both daily and night treatment depending on how dry your skin is. The oil is a blend of essential oils of Rose (which is toning), Frankincense (which is rejuvenating) and Geranium (which is regenerating). Presented in a spray this elixir is lighter than other face oils I’ve tried. It also contains Sweet Almond Oil, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba seed Oil, Borage Oil and Evening Primrose Oil, packed with nutrients for your skin.

I love the scent of this product, because although its main component is rose there is also a subtle geranium after-scent that is very fresh and uplifting. And the glass bottle it comes in is beautiful and very elegant indeed!

There are two other face elixirs in the range: Heavenly Face Yling Yang – for combination to oily skin – and Heavenly Face Neroli – for all types of skin.

Our facial elixirs are 100% natural base and essential oils, formulated for the daily care of the skin or as a night treatment. A blend of softening Sweet Almond Oil, nourishing and Vitamin A rich Apricot Kernel, anti-oxidant Rosehip Oil, sebum balancing Jojoba seed Oil and healing Borage Oil.

Find out more on www.jardinsdeden.co.uk. The Facial Elixirs are priced at £28.00.