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Trend alert: Spring looks for eye make up

beautyspotblogAs we prepare for a new season, it’s time to go through our wardrobe, and – of course – our make up bags. This Spring eye make up is all about being subtle and natural with a hint of colour. In the case of Matthew Williamson’s Spring Summer 2015 catwalk show, for example, the chosen colour was pink, but you can go for any shade you like as long as you keep it very light, and focus on that barely-there look. Work on your eyebrows and get the best shape you can (I highly recommend Shavata in Marylebone, London, for a fabulous shape) and keep your lipsticks and highlighter or blush natural by using nude tones. It’a all about clean, healthy skin and hair. Eyelashes are also big this season but, again, I recommend that you opt for a natural look (as opposed to a more TOWIE vibe). If mascara isn’t enough for you when framing your eyes, you can use some  Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes from Younique, which will attach to your existing lashes like a thick beautyspotbloglaiafarrangravesmascara once you apply some primer gel on your lashes; it will then stay on like a normal mascara to give you that great, defined look. I also tried some  Moodstruck Mineral Pigment Powder and loved the shimmery finish and hydrating feeling it gave me. Curious is a great white colour that works well with that of-the-moment barely-there look and Confident is a lovely coffee shade that blends into your skin tone effortlessly.
For more information go to Blueorchidbeautyboutique.com. The Moodstruck 3d Fiber Mascara is £23 and the Moodstruck Mineral Pigment Powder are £10 each or 4 for £35.



Top Pick: Blue eyeliner from Miners Cosmetics

You’re going to be seeing a lot of blue and purple eye make-up  this Autumn Winter (and lilac and violet variations), as it was a big Catwalk trend across Autumn Winter 2014 shows.  To get the look check out Miners’ cosmetics eye liner Colour & Kohl in Blue. It’s perfect to wear everyday on the water line of your eye or if you like a more made-up look you can also use it on top of you eye lid. It’s a fairly ligh dark blue, as blues go – more of a Nautical shade. You can also use their Define & Line in Blue liquid liner to add a colour-block effect and/or a feline twist. It’s versatile, long lasting and smudge proof. And actually quite easy to apply – after you’ve practised a few times, of course! Have fun 🙂


beautyspotblogblueMiners Cosmetics Define and Line is priced at £2.99, and Colour and Kohl Blue is £1.99. Availabe at Minerscosmetics.co.uk.




Know your brushes!

Know your makeup brushes

With so many different makeup brushes around, it can be difficult to know which brush to use and the technique for best application. Here is a simple guide to show you how they can be used to ensure that you look fabulous at all times…


Liquid Foundation Brushes


Foundation brushes can come in different shapes and sizes depending on the finish you would like. Their bristles are generally soft and dense to help apply liquid foundations evenly. One main design is the flat brush (right), this helps to sweep on foundation giving a finish that is perfect for day time! On the other hand, a buffing brush (left) helps to build layers if you are going for a heavier finish or applying makeup for a night out.

Mineral Foundation Brush

beautyspotblog1A mineral foundation brush is much softer with flexible bristles. This gives lighter coverage for a natural look that helps to brighten your skin without overloading it.


Contouring Brush

beautyspotblog2A technique that has recently become very popular in the beauty market is contouring; its slanted brush with rounded corners helps to bring out features of your face with different shades. This can be used for your face, cheeks and nose to create a shadow or highlighting effect and can be used with liquid, powdered or gel makeup.

Blush Brush

beautyspotblog3This is another brush which is designed to lightly add colour to your cheeks. The flexible rounded brush is perfect for sweeping over the apples of your cheeks to add instant colour. The soft and densely packed bristles help to build up a colour without becoming too overpowering and can come in different sizes to help suit the shape of your face.

Fan Brushes

beautyspotblog4Perhaps one of the most distinctive brushes, the fan brush, is a versatile brush that can be used to apply loose powder, contour and apply bronzer. The bristles are spread to ensure the powder is lightly applied and an even finish is given over all of your face.



Powder Brushes

beautyspotblog5Powder brushes are large, soft and full of bristles to help distribute power over your face evenly. You use this brush to sweep the powder over your face and set your foundation giving you the appearance of flawless, velvet soft skin!



 Eyeshadow Brushes

beautyspotblog6There are a whole range of eyeshadow brushes that help to create diferent effects. Three that we have homed in on are the blending brush, the small eyeshadow brush and the flat angle eyeshadow brush.

The blending brush (top) helps to  blend colours together and highlight the areas such as the brow bone or corner of your eye.

The small eyeshadow brush (middle) helps to apply a colour over your eye without dragging the skin or irritating the eye, the small shape also helps to build up colour in particular areas that can then be blended.

The longer haired flat brush (bottom) is perfect for giving an even finish over the eye socket. The densly packed bristles are perfect for giving a full, vibrant colour.

Eye liner

beautyspotblog7If you are an eyeliner fanatic then there are a range of eyeliner brushes to help suit your style. The fine tipped brush helps to create a small and precise line and is perfect for gel liner. Whilst the small, flat angled brush helps you to build up the colour and blend for a smokey eye effect!



Brow Brushes

beautyspotblog8We are all loving the Cara Delevigne style eyebrows at the minute, so the best way to help define and create full eyebrows is using a slanted eyebrow brush (left). The design helps to control the application and fill in any sparse areas.

The way to tame large eyebrows and ensure there isn’t a hair out of place is by using a spiral eyebrow brush. Pictured right, it has stiff bristles to help create a distinct shape!


 Lip Brush

BeautyspotblogThe lip brush is specially designed for precise application. The small bristles are firm in order to help outline your lip and build up a heavy application, both of which ensure that your lips look flawless!

For more information about the perfect brushes for you, visit House of Fraser’s Makeup brush buying guide and get the most out of your tools!


Shady business


Good eye shadows are hard to come by, especially when they combine more than one shade. I often end up using just the one and wasting the other. But the new Terre D’Oc eye shadow duo collection is a real find. Not only are the products natural and organic – so you know that you are not harming your skin in any way – but the shades themselves are spot on. I tried a combination of Rose and Prune Takato (number 603) and it was stunning. The rose shade is a very natural colour that blends in adding a little sheen to the eyelid, whilst the prune shade is that lovely in between colour that isn’t quite grey, plum or brown – ideal to accentuate your eye liner.  And the texture is so soft and creamy – almost powdery –  that it just melts onto your eyelids making application really easy. Active ingredients of organic camellia oil and natural waxes give a soft, silky and long lasting finish, so it stays on all day long. You can apply it by using a brush or your fingers – it’s so soft that I used my fingers. Other shades in the range include two different greys and two different greens.

About Terre D’Oc: All our cosmetic products are made according to the COSMEBIO charter, they are certified “organic cosmetics” by ECOCERT and contain at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin, or from Organic Farming. Following the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) reference system quoted in the European Cosmetics Directive as reference text, our products are manufactured, packaged and stored following measures adapted to their use and specificity. We can therefore guarantee the total traceability of the ingredients and manufacturing processes of our cosmetics.

For more information go to www.terredoc.co.uk. The eye shadow duo is priced at £15.95.

Look into my Eyes…

If the skin around your feels tired – especially after a night out! –  you might like to use the new Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment to boost the area. I’m a great fan of the Pro-Collagen range so when I heard about this addition the the family I was really looking forward to giving it a go. And I wasn’t disappointed. The product is very light in texture and is quickly absorbed into the skin with no stickiness. Its  formula contains powerful plant actives and amino acids, that deliver healthy and dewy looking skin, ensuring our skin functions at its best. It’s important to look after the skin around your eyes, as it’s very delicate and can show the first signs of premature ageing, so I have been using this first thing and last thing at night.

“Using the ring finger on each hand, apply product using a gentle tapping motion from the outer to the inner corner and around the eye contour bone. Ensure you don’t drag or pull the skin.” Noella Gabriel, Director of Product and Treatment Development.

And the great thing about Elemis is that you can true the products used. This eye treatment has amino acids (the building blocks of our bodies), a macro cellular complex to help the skin maintain moisture levels throughout the day and blue flower linseed, which combined with the algae padina pavonica strengthens the visible layers of the skin.

It’s a great, powerful product that feels light and wonderful on your skin. It launches in July 2012 and retails at £39. For more information go to www.timetospa.co.uk

Look into my eyes…

If you are concerned about the fine skin around your eyes, and want to avoid puffiness or prevent wrinkles in the area, here is an eye gel with a difference, and it has been voted Red Magazine’s Best of Beauty 2012. 

SkinCeuticals AOX+ Eye Gel is a breakthrough serum-in-a-gel that contains a combination of powerful ingredients: (phloretin, L-ascorbic acid, and ferulic acid) which combined help protect the delicate eye area from oxidative stress. It’s a triple antioxidant treatment that combats the signs of photoageing and of fatigue. Puffiness around the eyes and fine lines are also minimised when you use it regularly, as the skin is regenerated. All you need to do is apply one pump daily – I use it in the morning – and let the product do the rest. The gel is refreshing and easily absorbed into the skin, and it will last you a long time so it’s definitely a good investment.

Our mission at SkinCeuticals is to improve skin health. Dedicated to this purpose, we make one simple promise – provide quality products backed by science.”

SkinCeuticals’ AOX+ Eye Gel is priced at £70 (15ml)