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No time to beautify? We’ve got it covered

beautyspotblog1-26 at 15.03.53So you want to look good, and you’re desperate for a manicure or pedicure but there aren’t enough hours in the day –  and you don’t really want to go in your lunch break because you can’t relax…so why not get them to come to you?
I did exactly that a few weeks ago and it was genius. I wanted to catch up with a friend and also get some beauty treatments done, so we called CitySwish and booked them to come to us (killing two birds with one stone so to speak). One of the main benefits they offer, is that it’s all done online: you book your treatment, your time and date of choice and you pay. Done. The other thing that was great about CitySwish, was how flexible our therapist was – as it was two of us, in essence she said we could use up our time fluidly, so we felt very relaxed, which in turn enhanced our experience. We were treated by Francesca, who arrived promptly with all her stuff (from towels to nail varnishes and a massage bed!), and after a short introduction started with the first treatments: a pedicure for me and a manicure for my friend (who had amazing navy nails done!). laiafarrangravesIt was very professional and we were both very happy with the results. Then, as a complete treat, we both had a short massage which I have to say was FANTASTIC. Francesca placed some hot water with essential oils underneath the massage bed below the head before starting, which was a wonderfully relaxing touch and proceeded to do such a good job that I stopped talking 😉 Once she completed all the treatments, she tool all her bits and pieces and left, leaving us feeling blissfully beautified.
I’m sure the experience would’ve been just as enjoyable had I been on my own, but having a shared experience with a girlfriend made it that more fun. You need to live in London’s zones 1-3 for them to come to your house, but if this is the case, check them out. You won’t regret it!

For more information go to Cityswish.com. Their prices are:
Beauty: £45 per hour
Massage: £60 per hour
Massage & beauty: £55 per hour

Love your eyebrows

laiafarrangraves-beautyspotFew beauty treatments have the effect of a great eyebrow shape. It can instantly give you that groomed look that is so subtle and can also take years off you. A bad eyebrow shape, however, is also quite effective for very different reasons and can take a very long time to correct, so it’s important to think about your shape and your therapist before you get them done. I’ve been getting my eyebrows threaded for a while now because I like the precision the method provides, but I made the mistake of going to a cheap salon (when in a hurry !) and getting them threaded too thinly, so a year on – and thanks to Tira from Urban Retreat – my shape is almost back to its former glory. I came across Tira after doing a lot of research and asking around. I met her at a press launch at London Fashion Week, took one look at her eyebrows and knew she was the therapist for me. Tira beautyspotblog-laiafarrangravesworks at Harrods’ Urban Retreat as a general therapist, but he eyebrow threading is absolutely superb. The experience of going to Harrods in the first place is very special in itself – the waiting room, with all the latest magazines, velvet seating and a and purple carpet is to die for, and the room she took me to was a simple, restful beauty room. It took all of five minutes and made an enormous difference. I have to go back in 6 weeks for a further shaping session, but I’m finally getting close to the perfect shape for my face. And in the meantime I can use a pencil or powder to fill in any spaces I still have, using a slightly lighter shade (remember that if you’re brunette and want to colour your eyebrows you should go for one shade lighter than your hair colour, and if you’re blonde you should try one shade darker). If you want ‘new eyebrows’ I urge you to go and see her, you won’t be disappointed.

For more information go to www.urbanretreat.co.uk.