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Smelling of roses

laiafarrangraves.pngThere are night creams and then there are night creams, and the Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial from KORRES, is definitely in the latter category.

It’s a night cream with a difference, because it acts like a facial and repairs your skin while you sleep, providing intense hydration. It also contains vitamin C for extra potent skin brightening and radiance, reinforcing the natural cell renewal process overnight. When you first apply it, its velvety texture literally melts away into your skin leaving it smelling simply delicious – sweet with a hint of flower. It’s intensely hydrating and soft on the skin, so it’s suitable for all skin types, and contains wild rose oil and hyaluronic acid to help combat dry skin – something I’m always battling with. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and especially love how nurturing it feels when I apply it, and also how my skin feels in the morning – no tightness or dullness. It’s definitely a little bit of luxury at your fingertips, and worth investing in if you have the slightest tendency to dry skin. So make sure you get your beauty sleep…what’s not to like?

KORRES Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial RRP: £26.00 and available to buy online from www.MarksandSpencer.com. For more information go to www.korres.com




KORRES to the rescue!

beautyspotblogAre you ready for Christmas? If – like me– you’re a last minute shopper, read on for some inspiration that could be just the ticket for those ‘question marks’ on your shopping list… Just in time for Christmas, the legendary Greek natural brand KORRES has launched the most exquisite four new gift sets, which could be the answer to your prayers: the Shower Gel Collection (£10 – a collection of 4 travel-size shower gels), the Bergamot Pear Collection (£15  a set which includes a shower gel and body milk – this by the way happens to be my favourite), the Mediterranean Trio (£26 which has a shower gel a body milk and a body butter) and finally the  Guava Collection (£20 this one contains a guava shower gel a body milk and mandarin lip butter stick).
The lovely thing about these gift sets is that not only they’re original and unusual in their scent combinations, but they’re presented beautifully, and the quality of the products – they only use natural products with no added chemicals – is second to none. Consequently their aroma and texture are as light as they are exquisite. The Guava range, for instance, smells sweet and tropical, reminiscent of that holiday feeling, whereas the Bergamot Pear is as refreshing as a fruit sorbet after a heavy meal. Let’s face it, one can never have enough luxury bathroom products (especially if they look beautiful in your bathroom) so if you’re after some last minute inspiration you can’t go wrong with these sets…

KORRES Christmas sets are available to buy in-store and online from selected stockists, including debenhams.com.

About the products:

1. KORRES BERGAMOT PEAR COLLECTION RRP: £15.00. Go “festive fresh” with the Bergamot Pear collection. Reminiscent of sunny walks in the blooming countryside, this  fresh, fruity and floral body line sets the holiday mood; Let the citrus accords, the aquatic tones and the fruity nuances refresh your senses. 

 2. KORRES MERITERANEAN TRIO RRP: £26.00. Dazzling fresh Basil Lemon, freshly cut figs, bergamot and pears from Aegean island gardens; Reminiscent of long summer afternoons, the KORRES Mediterranean trio collection, instantly sets the mood for an idyllic get-away. Contains: BASIL LEMON SHOWERGEL 250ml, BERGAMOT & PEAR BODY MILK 200ml,FIG BODY BUTTER 125ml

 3. KORRES GUAVA COLLECTION RRP: £20.00. An invigorating blend of tropical fruits offer an exotic note in the middle of the winter. Contains: GUAVA SHOWERGEL 250ml, GUAVA BODY MILK 200ml, MANDARIN LIP BUTTER STICK colourless 5ml

 4. KORRES SHOWER GEL COLLECTION GIFT SET RRP: £10.00. A Limited edition Mini Showergel set containing a deliciously scented quartet of KORRES most popular and best selling scents in miniature 40ml sizes. The perfect stocking filler! Contains: GUAVA SHOWERGEL 40ml, BASIL LEMON SHOWERGEL 40ml, BERGAMOT & PEAR SHOWERGEL 40ml, SANTORINI VINE SHOWERGEL 40ml.

Gift set alert: Korres Pamper Me Up

KORRES is a fantastic Greek skincare brand that I absolutely love. It’s conscious of its ingredients – using natural and organic where ever possible and avoiding anything potentially harmful across its product range. And now, just in time for Christmas, it has launched a series of gift sets containing  its worldwide best sellers, making them a sure hit if you’re looking for stocking fillers or beauty gifts for yourself or your loved ones. My favourite one in the range is Sleeping Beauty, a great pack ideal for travelling or sleepovers. beautyspot

The set contains some great essentials: a shower gel, a facial cleanser, a lipstick butter, and a 24 hour moisturising cream that contains wild rose.

One of my favourite skin ingredients is rose, and so is my husband’s, so this is one I’ll have to share with him…The Wild Rose 24-hour cream SPF6 normal-dry 16ml is very hydrating as it contains Wild Rose oil, a natural source of Vitamin C and what I love about it the most is the smell and the fact that it has an SPF in it, perfect to use to combat the winter sun. The Basil Lemon shower gel 40ml is another classic product that you’ll enjoy for its creamy, hydrating texture and divine smell – especially in the morning as the lemon zest gives you a kick. The White Tea fluid gel cleanser 16ml is a gel that foams slightly giving you that sensation of really cleansing your skin. It contains vegetable derived soap substitutes with oat proteins in its formula for maximum moisturising. The final product in this collection is the Korres Wild Rose mandarin lip butter stick 5ml in Rose, a great butter stick that is ideal to use on your lips  during the harsh, cold winter months. This particular product has a hint of pink, giving you a barely-there make up look that is so on-trend right now, and simply exudes a healthy groomed look. It also has an SPF 15 to ensure your lips are totally kissable.


KORRES Christmas Gift Collection includes the following sets, which are available in-store and online at Debenhams.com:

  • KORRES BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS GIFT SET RRP: £18.00 (Value £34.00 – Saving £16.00)
  • KORRES SLEEPING BEAUTY GIFT SET RRP: £18.00 (Value RRP: £39.00 – Saving  £21.00)
  • KORRES PAMPER ME UP GIFT SET  RRP: £12.00 (Value £19.90 – Saving £7.90)



Eau de Korres

laiafarrangravesbeautyspotblogThis is an Eau de Toilette with a twist. It combines three most unusual ingredients: Vanilla, Freesia and Lychee to create a seductive and earthy floral scent. It’s the latest addition to the fragrance collection of Greek cult brand KORRES, a collection which is free of synthetic non-biodegradable compounds that are widely used as fragrance fixatives and are known to cause irritations and bioaccumulation; instead they have developed a formula preserved with rosemary, a natural food-grade antioxidant.
It’s a beautiful EDT, which could almost be classed as unisex as it’s floral but not overly sweet and has Patchouli and Musk in the mix that give it that extra oomph. As it settles onto your skin the base notes take centre stage and you’re left with a hint vanilla mixed in with elegant and seductive Oriental notes. I would personally wear this fragrance in the evening as it definitely makes a statement, but it’s not too strong to enjoy in the day too. The packaging is also exquisite, simple and timeless so it would make a great gift. All in all a great investment.

Available from www.korres.com 50mL/ 1.69 Fl.Oz. RRP: £30.00 (€36.00).




And the winner is…

beauty spot blog

I just found out that the Korres Black Pine Serum has been awarded ‘Winner’ in the Sunday Mirror’s Notebook  Magazine Anti-Ageing Beauty Awards 2013, so I wanted to test it out and see what all the fuss was about. This is a serum with a difference: it has some great components in its formula, but its hero ingredient is the black pine extract, a rich and potent source of polyphenols and pure polyphenol Epigalocatechin, which helps firm up the skin and reduce wrinkles. Korres’ Black Pine Serum launched in May this year, and has already been described as the brand’s most powerful anti-ageing product with firming and lifting action for wrinkle reduction, skin elasticity and re-contouring. I tried it twice daily for a week and already feel hooked on it. The texture of the serum is very similar to aloe vera juice and has a cloudy look about it. When you put it on your skin it’s instantly absorbed and doesn’t leave an oily finish at all, and the nicest thing about it is its sweet smell, which is subtle but very distinctive. It can be used alone or before (under) cream. Either once or twice a day, on your face and neck avoiding the eye area. I can’t say I have seen any changes in a week, but I must admit, my skin feels very healthy and dewy…watch this space… 

To achieve these results Korres collaborated with the Institute of Biology of the Laboratory of Cell Proliferation and Ageing to investigate and harness the exceptional action of Black Pine polyphenol [Epigallocathechin] in regulating metalloproteinases [MMPs] thus maintaining the dermis junction.

Korres‘ Black Pine antiwrinkle firming & lifting face serum 30ml is priced at £39.00. Available at Korres.com.

Black is black

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If you want to invest in a good mascara bursting with goodness, check out the new Black Volcanic Minerals Mascara from KORRES. It’s enriched with volcanic minerals, cotton extract, Sunflower polymers and grape to strengthen and protect your lashes. It’s very black – if you know what I mean– and will add volume to your lashes, giving them that dramatic look that can be so hard to achieve. You can apply the mascara once if you’re after a hint of make up or twice to make a statement, so it’s versatile in its usage. It’s particularly good if you have sensitive skin and you’re conscious of what products you use as it contains Marine Algae extracts to encourage lash growth by stimulating the microcirculation, and Thyme Extract, an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory & antioxidant barrier to combat environmental factors. It comes in back and in brown, both of which are great shades. I tried the black one and loved the generous brush it comes in and how easily it glides onto your lashes. If it’s not too late to add to your Christmas list I highly recommend that you do…

I heart watermelon nail varnish

laiafarrangraves-beautyspotThis Spring Summer it’s all about strong and vibrant colours, such as plums, pinks and anything in between, which is why I love the shades in the brand new Korres collection. The range has some fantastic colours that are really on-trend, like this divine watermelon shade, their coral pink or the pomegranate. But it’s not just the colour, their texture is creamy and solid so they look great and last for ages without chipping. The best thing about them, however,  is that not only do they look fantastic, they are actually good for your nails too. Yes, you read correctly! This natural approach fits into the Greek brand’s philosophy, which is all about wellbeing and natural beauty, and focuses on bright colours with high shine that have been developed with mild solvents and a unique nail formula. It contains Myrrh extract and Provitamin B5 and a mix of five essential good-nail-health nutrients (silicum, calcium, zinc, iron and sulfur) to moisturise and strengthen your nails. And, of course, the formula doesnt’ contain any toxic ingredients.

The Korres range has twenty colours, a base coat and a top coat, and it’s really impressive. I strongly recommend that you check it out for yourself and wave goodbye to the days where varnish ruined your nails.

Korres nail varnish is priced at £9.00, and is available from John Bell & Croyden in store at 50-54 Wigmore Street, London W1A 2AU or online at Johnbellcoryden.co.uk.