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Editor’s pick: Bio-Oil wonder oil

bautyspotblogThis is a product that smells and feels lovely and that really takes care of any scarring and stretch marks you may have on your skin, and it’s gentle enough to use during pregnancy. It’s one that I use in winter, when my skin has a tendency to dry up and on any burns, scars or scrapes I may get! It has a massive celeb  following which has given it a somewhat cult status, but the bottom line is that it’s a faithful product that will help with specific concerns such as scars, stretch marks, uneven skin and dehydration.


The Bio-Oil unique formulation includes vitamin A and E with Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile oils, and their very own Bio-Oil, PurCellin Oil™ (that somehow create a “dry” oil which is non-greasy) to ensure they’re easily-absorbed into the skin where they can provide targeted treatment.
Bio-Oil has been clinically proven to help with scars, stretch marks,  uneven Skin Tone, Ageing Skin and Dehydrated Skin.

Bio-Oil is preservative-free and is not tested on animals. Available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Asda, Lloyds Pharmacy, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Savers, Bodycare, SemiChem, Wilkinsons, Primark, Amazon and independent pharmacies nationwide. 60ml rsp £8.95, 125ml rsp £14.95, 200ml rsp £19.95


Lavender oil must-have

beautyspotblogEvery night I bath and massage my gorgeous baby girl, something she absolutely loves. At first I massaged her with extra virgin olive oil, as recommended by my Health Visitor. But now that she is a bit older I have decided to try out a scented oil to add to the ritual and see how she likes it. I couldn’t resist the Essential Care Baby Organic Massage Oil for a number of reasons: it’s organic, Soil Association certified and it smells amazing. It’s a  gentle blend of pure organic oils, and its’ delicately fragranced with lavender and chamomile. Both lavender and chamomile are designed to soothe and calm so it’s the ideal oil to help induce sleep. It’s sweet and light and absolutely delicious. I cover her with it – when massaging – and she is definitely a satisfied customer, I also use it on the back of her head where her skin can be a little bit dry and it also hydrates beautifully. In addition to being great for her, it’s also very good for my hands and nails, so the perfect treat for a tired mummy. Other ingredients include extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil. It’s a little bit of heaven in a bottle.

Essential Care Baby Organic Massage Oil is available at Biggreensimle.com, and priced at £9.50. It’s Soil Association certified and suitable for Vegans. Size: 70ml.

Miniature bliss

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know how much I love organic products that really work. So Weleda’s Body Oils gift set is really up my street. As they are small sizes, it’s a great way to try out the oils before knowing which one you love the most and committing to buying the full size. The smaller sizes are also ideal for taking to the gym, or carrying in your hand luggage or handbag. There are five oils in the set that are guaranteed to cover all bases: Wild Rose Body Oil (to pamper), Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil (to regenerate), Citrus Refreshing Body Oil (to stimulate), Lavender Relaxing Body Oil (to relax) and Sea Buckthorn Body Oil (to nourish and restore). So you have an oil for every need and state of mind you could possibly find yourself in. The bottles are 10ml each and the oils are so pure they are even suitable for vegans.

Check it out on www.biggreensmile.com. Priced at £8.95.

Bath Time

In today’s fast-paced world many of use could do with unwinding. And having a good old-fashioned soak is very effective, easy to do and won’t cost you a fortune! Bath oils are great, because not only do they scent the bath  water – and the bathroom  – they also deeply moisturise your skin. Designed by Aromatherapy Expert Fiona Tutte, Pure Lochside has been formulated with a blend of highly potent essential oils and key therapeutic natural ingredients.  The Calming Bath & Body Oil Soothing aromatherapy blend helps relax and also ease muscle and  joint pain  so it’s ideal if you suffer form arthritis or need to ease your muscles after a good workout.

The smell is delicate and beautiful, and you can catch a hint of Pine and high altitude Lavender. It also contains skin-softening Organic Macadamia, warming Organic Black Pepper and Marjoram essential oils help to soothe tired muscles. And the best thing abou t it is that you can also massage in directly onto your skin after you’ve had your bath for maximum effect.

 About the brand

Pure Lochside products are packed full of delicious natural and organic ingredients. These plant based ingredients do not interfere with the flora and fauna of our natural world when they end up back in our sea and river systems.

Price £26.50, www.purelochside.com