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Face lift in a bottle: Editor’s choice

beautyspotblogI love having facials, they’re relaxing, pampering and – of course – wonderful for your skin. But even if sometimes you don’t have the time or the money to have a facial on a regular basis, with so many amazing products out there, you really can still get the benefits of using high end treatments in the comfort of your own home. One such product is the brainchild of Environ‘s Dr Fernandes, who wanted to develop a product that literally was like a “face lift in a bottle”. The Revival Masque has been extensively trialled for over 4 years with a 99% satisfaction rate and is a unique combination of 3 acids (Asiatic Acid, Lactic Acid, Mandelic Acid), working together to trigger the release of growth factors from the keratinocyte cells. This product will lighten pigmentation marks, reduce lines and wrinkles making skin tighter, smoother, more radiant and younger looking. But it’s not a one-time-wonder, it’s a product you need to commit to. To use it you need to increase its applications gradually and, for instance the first week you can have two 10 minute applications in the evening, leaving it on the skin and then removing with tepid water. In week two, you can use it two to three times per week, in week three you can use it three to five times per week for 20 minutes, and in week four you can try using it five times a week overnight. The cream smells beautiful, good enough to eat – even though it’s a very subtle scent. And it feels rich and soft at the same time. I absolutely love the brand and this product doesn’t disappoint. It took me a while to get started on the routine as it’s something you need to plan and stick to, but once on the regime it’s a great product which really does give your skin a boost. And the packaging is also super-cool – let’s just say it’s taken prime position in my bathroom shelf…

Environ’s Revival Mask is priced at £49 for 50ml.  Once opened, use for four to six months for maximum benefits. Recommended to be used during winter months, but may be used all year round provided a broad spectrum sunscreen is applied daily. For more information go to iiaa.eu.


Editor’s favourite: Pretox Filler

laiafarrangravesbeautyspotI’m not a big fan of plastic surgery or botox, so I’m always interested in finding out what the latest medical advances in the Beauty Industry has to offer as a way of an alternative to such severe measures. I was recently given a great product called Pretox Filler from Medik8. The name is quite medical but the product itself is a great serum/gel in texture that is incredibly hydrating. So if – like me – you have a tendency to dry and dehydrated skin no matter how much water you drink during the day, this is a great option for you. Formulated with liposomes for better delivery what this product does is to deliver a high concentration of  hyaluronic acid to the skin achieving maximum hydration and consequently improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps restore the skin’s natural hydro balance, correct skin irregularities and plump out lines as a result of this. It’s not cheap (£52.00 per 30ml) but it does last a long time as you only need a small amount at a time. Give it a go if you’re concerned by fine lines caused by dehydration.  Medik8 products are available in clinics nationwide and at Medik8.com. The Pretox Filler is priced at £52.00 (30ml).

About the brand: Medik8 is dedicated to producing high quality skincare products with the best ingredients at the right strengths, and with a proven track record. The brand has tailored lines for specific skin solutions.


Barely there strawberry kiss

laiafarrangravesIf you like to wear natural looking make-up, you will love this product. It’s called Tin o’ Tint Strawberry, and it’s a coloured lip balm. This time of year, when the weather gets cold and windy, it’s essential that you moisturise your lips with a good lip balm, so this clever little product will multitask for you, giving you both the moisture you need and a touch of colour plus adding a delicious strawberry flavour to the mix. The colour is great, as it’s more of a stain than a lipstick, which is very on trend right now – i. e. natural lips with a hint of blush and healthy looking eyebrows. It highlights your lips ever so slightly to give you that healthy glow and make your teeth look a touch whiter. It’s ideal to wear in the day but also at night if you want to look understated but groomed.

It comes from Miners cosmetics and it’s priced at £2.99, making it a great stocking filler or gift to yourself 😉 We love it at Beauty Spot!


Fresh, fruity and classically British, Tin o’ Tint Strawberry will leave lips feeling soft, smooth and with a hint of soft red tint.






Available at Minerscosmetics.co.uk, priced £2.99.

LuXe Lips


If you’re after a good budget lip gloss, this is a great product you might like to try. It’s called LuXe Lips Creme Gloss and it’s from Miners cosmetics. It comes in five great shades, all of which, incidentally, have fab names: It girl, Duchess, Material Girl, Beauty Queen and Uptown Girl. I tried Beauty Queen, the slightly darker shade, as it looks very natural (don’t be fooled by the solid color, the shades are in fact very subtle). On application it just adds a hint of colour to your lips without taking over, so it’s ideal for a natural, healthy-looking summer look. The shine is great too and long-lasting, due to its ingredients (the cream gloss contains moisturising mineral oils and beeswax to create added shine). You apply it with a fine bristle brush and it lasts ages, so you don’t need to keep doing so. It’s a great investment if you’re not wanting to spend a fortune on make up or if you fancy trying something new. I’m tempted to try them all!

The LuXe Lips creme gloss lip glosses are priced at  £3.99, available from www.minerscosmetics.co.uk.

Kohl perfection

laiafarrangraves_beautyspotDramatic eyes are big this Spring Summer 2013, making a change from strong, red lips which was such a strong trend last summer. One easy and effective way to achieve this look is by simply using a kohl eye liner pencil. The obvious choice of pencil colour is black, but you can indeed try different colours and see which works best with your colouring. laiafarrangravesI checked out the new Colour & Kohl Eyeliner from Miners, which come in four really lovely shades: brown, gold, blue (slightly lighter that the classic electric blue that is so eighties) and, of course, black. You can use it as an eye liner alone or smudge it to frame the eyes and create that full on kohl look. You can also flick the ends to add a hint of lift to the eyelid. Just rim the bottom waterline and press the eyeliner pencil between the top eyelashes. As well as creating definition, using a coloured pencil will also add some colour to your make-up – the mid blue shade being a particularly hot shade this summer. And remember to always have a pencil sharpener to hand as a blunt pencil won’t do the job. Time to have some fun and experiment!

The new Colour & Kohl Eyeliner from Miners is available in Brown, black, blue, gold priced at £1.99. For more information go to www.minerscosmetics.co.uk.

Beauty essentials summer must-have: waterproof mascara

laiafarrangraves_beautyspotGoing on holiday?  You might be wondering what beauty products to take with you. If you want to keep it practical, at the top of the list there should always be a good sun-screen (a higher SPF for your face than for the rest of your body), and in terms of make-up all you’re going to need is a neutral lip gloss or natural lipstick – if you’re more of a lipstick girl – and some good quality waterproof mascara. I tried the new Maxi Mascara from Miners Cosmetics. It comes in summery blue packaging and it’s ideal for a long-lasting look.  You can also use it if you like going to the gym or if you’re anything like me if you’re attending a summer wedding (I always pack some tissues!) The mascara itself is very dark, and made of long-lasting pigment that doesn’t fade, streak or smudge as the day goes on. A great high performance high-street winner.

The Maxi Mascara Waterproof is priced at £3.49, available at minerscosmetics.co.uk

I heart eye shadows

Good news for eye shadow junkies: Miners Cosmetics have just launched two new budget-friendly professional eyeshadow collections: the eye shadow Trio and the eye shadow Solo. The Trio is especially designed to enhance beauty and create depth. They come in three blendable shades that have been selected to work perfectly together. You can get them in four shades: Stone washed (blue, indigo and lilac), Humbug (white, charcoal and medium grey), Goddess (olive, golden and chocolate)  and Safari (brown, copper and chocolate). You can add depth and definition with all three shades whether you are creating a smokey eye or a simple shadow.

For single hues take a look at the Solo collection. It comes in 4 colours: Jewel (a gorgeous emerald shade), Stardust ( a stunning natural shimmery base) Luna classic white and Nautical (so hot right now!). My favourite? The Solo Stardust –  it has just enough base shimmer to highlight the eye lids and add a little dazzle  to that fabulous natural day-time look.

Check it out at www.minerscosmetics.com.
The eyeshadow trio is priced at £3.99 and the eyeshadow solo is £3.49.