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Feeling pale? Dave’s your man…

laiafarrangraves-beautyspotI’m not a tanning expert – I grew up in Spain and tan very easily when the sun’s out, so it’s never been a big concern of mine. I came across a  product, however, that really caught my eye because as well as providing your skin with a very natural looking tan it’s a toning lotion so you’re multitasking and getting two jobs done in one go (an offer you can’t really refuse!). It’s called Famous Dave’s Tan & Tone self tan lotion, and it’s free from parabens, artificial colours and fragrances. The active ingredients it contains to improve your skin’s tone and texture are Co-enzyme Q10, Horse Chestnut, Butcher’s Broom and to moisturise it, it has Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E an Aloe Vera.

It smells very nice, and to apply you don’t need a mitt –  you simply apply it as you would a body lotion – but, as with all tanning products, it’s recommended that you exfoliate your skin beforehand to ensure its even and smooth. All you have to do is massage the lotion as you would a normal body lotion and leave it for up to eight hours before showering so that it reaches its optimum shade (a natural sun-kissed, streak-free, golden brown colour). Perfect for the British summer, and indeed for an all-year-round natural tanned look.

The Famous Dave’s Tan & Tone Self Tan lotion is £24.99 (250ml) available at famousdave.co.uk.

Zingie hands

Laiafarrangraves_beautyspotWashing one’s hands is essential wherever you are, but especially in a big city like London –  I dread to think how many germs we are exposed to every time we travel on public transport! And like everything in life, when we pay a little extra care we can turn a chore into something we actually look forward to doing. I always choose my hand soap very carefully, considering every aspect of the product– especially its scent. I like to go for either fresh, clean and timeless smells or fragrances that remind me of happy times like this gorgeous range from Treacle Moon called Those lemonade days. I tried the gentle hand wash from the collection and absolutely loved it! It’s foamy and nourishing on the hands, and smells of lemon sherbet or fresh lemonade (you will be seriously tempted to to taste it!)  It’s not overpowering but you will notice your hands smell lovely after having washed them. The soap feels soft, gentle and very nourishing. I keep it by the kitchen sink and my hands have never been cleaner…

For more information go to  Treacle Moon.com. Those Lemonade Days Gentle Hand Wash is prices at £2.52 and is also available at Tesco.com.

Radiant Skin

If you need a little pick me up for your skin, a good serum is really the answer, especially once you notice your skin’s elasticity isn’t what it used to when you were in your twenties..By adding hydration, you will rejuvenate your skin no end. One of my favourite serums is the  Bio-Excellence Moisturising Serum from Melvita. It’s an extremely gentle fluid that will  intensely hydrate and help brighten the complexion. It’s completely organic and formulated with 16 plant-based actives:

“This fluid combines the anti-ageing properties of Everlasting Flowers and the smoothing properties of Beech Buds, to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The fluid effectively protects skin from environmental stress and aggressions with the powerful antioxidant properties of Cranberry, Raspberry and Blackcurrant, while the moisturising properties of Aloe Vera, Honey and Lemon Pectin revitalise prematurely dehydrated skin and soothe redness, for a completely clear complexion.”

You can use it in the morning and evening for maximum effect, and not only will you love its light texture, but with Melvita you can rest assured that there are absolutely no nasties in the product what so ever. And being such a natural product, you can use it as you feel: on its own, or under a moisturiser – depending on your skin’s needs. It’s a great investment.

Price: £30.00. For more information on Melvita go to www.melvita.com