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Heavenly Soap


This gorgeous soap, has recently been introduced to Whole Foods Market, and is the perfect example of a luxury brand that successfully embraces all things organic. The Rose and Geranium Indulge Soap Bar from Jardins D’EDEN – part of their extremely special Indulge range – has regenerating and nourishing properties as well as being beautifully scented and in impressive packaging. I’ve been using it in the shower and have found that it works best as a face cleanser (as opposed to an overall body wash) as it’s light, delicate and very nourishing in texture –  and the more I use it the softer it gets, making its application even easier and its performance even better. The soap’s main ingredients are Rose and Geranium 100% essential oils, Pink Clay, Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Rosehip Oil. Hand made in London, the formulation is free from artificial colourings, Parabens and other nasties and also comes in Lavender Ylang Ylang if you like a more relaxing scent. Either way the products are stunning and will enhance your morning or evening shower ritual and do wonders for your skin.

Our natural Olive oil based soap recipe is enriched with Shea butter and Rosehip oil. Each luxurious soap has its own unique therapeutic essential oil blend wrapped with nutritive botanic ingredients to offer a complete range of natural care for all types of skins.

For more information go to www.jardinsdeden.co.uk. The Rose and Geranium Indulge Soap Bar is priced at £8 and available online, and Harrods and at Whole Foods Market.


Pure luxury…

If you have dry skin, you might not have found that perfect product that will give you the extra hydration you need without overdoing it. If that’s your story, you might want to try out the Heavenly Face Rose Elixir from  Jardins D’Eden. It’s an oil that has  been formulated to be used  as both daily and night treatment depending on how dry your skin is. The oil is a blend of essential oils of Rose (which is toning), Frankincense (which is rejuvenating) and Geranium (which is regenerating). Presented in a spray this elixir is lighter than other face oils I’ve tried. It also contains Sweet Almond Oil, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba seed Oil, Borage Oil and Evening Primrose Oil, packed with nutrients for your skin.

I love the scent of this product, because although its main component is rose there is also a subtle geranium after-scent that is very fresh and uplifting. And the glass bottle it comes in is beautiful and very elegant indeed!

There are two other face elixirs in the range: Heavenly Face Yling Yang – for combination to oily skin – and Heavenly Face Neroli – for all types of skin.

Our facial elixirs are 100% natural base and essential oils, formulated for the daily care of the skin or as a night treatment. A blend of softening Sweet Almond Oil, nourishing and Vitamin A rich Apricot Kernel, anti-oxidant Rosehip Oil, sebum balancing Jojoba seed Oil and healing Borage Oil.

Find out more on www.jardinsdeden.co.uk. The Facial Elixirs are priced at £28.00.