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Want killer, curved lashes? Read on…

laiafarrangraves_beautyspotNew from Collection (formerly known as Collection 2000) I’ve discovered a great mascara called Killer Curves that will bring out your lashes and give them a glamorous full-bodied look. It comes in ultra black only, and the pigment is very solid so the colour stays on for hours after you’ve applied it – without you needing to touch it up. It’s ideal to recreate the glamor of the 1950s (wear it with liquid eye liner and red lips and some old-fashioned rouge) and even the packaging has a retro look to it, reminiscent of the 50s Coca Cola pin-up posters, and the brush itself is hour-glass shaped!

You can apply it once and for a day-time look (I could see the difference between my normal mascara and Killer Curves straight away) or you can add a second layer to reveal a fuller look.laiafarrangraves_beautyspot I was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t flake or smudge, but just gave my lashes a fuller effect. This mascara is perfect if you want extra curve and volume to your lashes, no matter how fine they are to begin with, as the shape of the brush is designed to reach them all delivering ‘maximum curve’ and it’s
enhanced with latex polymers to set the lashes for a long-lasting curve and for voluptuous volume. And the best thing of all? The price point is very reasonable, at  £3.99. It’s definitely worth a try, I’ve made it my new staple and love wearing it.

For more information go to collectioncosmetics.com. Killer Curves from Collection is priced at £3.99. Available online and at Boots and Superdrug nationwide.