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Raspberry Kiss

Laiafarrangraves_beautyspotWith Valentine’s day around the corner I simply couldn’t resist checking out this beautiful bath and shower get from Treacle Moon called Raspberry Kiss. The colour is gorgeous – that lovely raspberry sorbet pink, and in the bath tub it foams like there’s no tomorrow. But one of the things I like about it and that makes it stand out from the rest, is that it has that same sharp sweetness that raspberries taste of, as opposed to the artificially sickly sweet sweetness other cosmetic berry products sometimes smell of. I also love the softness of the soap on the skin, making bath time feel like a real treat and an opportunity to create that ‘me time’ we so long after a long day (soaking lazily in a generously foamy bath, candle light, your favourite music in the background…you get the picture!). The packaging is also very striking, and will stand out in your bathroom making this a great Valentine’s day gift. But the best thing of all? Check out the price…

For more information go to Treaclemoon.net. Priced at £3.03, also available at Tesco.com.


Zingie hands

Laiafarrangraves_beautyspotWashing one’s hands is essential wherever you are, but especially in a big city like London –  I dread to think how many germs we are exposed to every time we travel on public transport! And like everything in life, when we pay a little extra care we can turn a chore into something we actually look forward to doing. I always choose my hand soap very carefully, considering every aspect of the product– especially its scent. I like to go for either fresh, clean and timeless smells or fragrances that remind me of happy times like this gorgeous range from Treacle Moon called Those lemonade days. I tried the gentle hand wash from the collection and absolutely loved it! It’s foamy and nourishing on the hands, and smells of lemon sherbet or fresh lemonade (you will be seriously tempted to to taste it!)  It’s not overpowering but you will notice your hands smell lovely after having washed them. The soap feels soft, gentle and very nourishing. I keep it by the kitchen sink and my hands have never been cleaner…

For more information go to  Treacle Moon.com. Those Lemonade Days Gentle Hand Wash is prices at £2.52 and is also available at Tesco.com.

Good enough to eat

If you like strawberries, you must check out this bath and shower gel. Iced Strawberry Dream is a limited edition product that smells of sweet summer. It really is a beautiful fragrance (a mix of candy, ice cream and ripened fruit) – you almost wish you could eat it! Iced Summer Dream  launched into Tesco stores, nationwide, this March, and it’s available for limited time only. But the most interesting thing about this product is that it’s the result of an online competition by  the quirky body & bathing brand, Treacle Moon. Since 2009, they have been running a monthly competition on their website, http://www.treaclemoon.net, encouraging fans to submit their suggestions for new fragrances. And this is the latest winning scent. You can use it in the shower or in the bath and it foams generously, creating a lather that leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. It’s great for all ages and looks gorgeous in the bathroom. So next time you pop into Tesco to get your bits and pieces take a walk down the cosmetics aisle and smell it – you’ll be hooked.

Spring’s forthcoming special edition – Iced Strawberry Dream bath & shower gel (£2.99 / 500ml).